The Work We Do: Sherry Sobel, A Cake in Time

Hello, I’m Sherry Sobel. I’m the owner of A Cake in Time cake shop and bakery here in Wading River.

I am an escapee from the corporate world. I ran screaming out into the world and said, you know, I really love to bake and I had an opportunity to put a business plan together. I decided to do it and now I’ve done over 2,000 cakes.

My kids even said, “You’re not as much of a lunatic as you used to be, ma. You’re much calmer.” And I’m like, yeah, well, this is much better for me. I was a project manager for a computer consulting firm, so now I get to play.

I encourage people to follow their dreams and not wait until they’re old. Just do it. It’s definitely worth it.

I do custom fondant cakes. I work with sugar; we do characters. We do tall beautiful, elegant wedding cakes. Then we do really fun birthday cakes. The best part is they taste really good.

So they’re made from scratch and they’re yummy, and they’re not that regular bakery buttercream. They’re really just mouth-watering.

I was in Mt. Sinai for seven years and we primarily did big, cake show cakes. I really didn’t have enough space there to do the wholesale work I wanted to do, all the wedding work I wanted to do or retail, but now I do.

The days are filled with phone calls, cake inquiries, pricing, talking to customers that come in addressing concerns or questions, getting the case ready for retail work, making sure the bakers are happy and baking, know what to bake. We go through recipes. We do a lot of tasting. Then the weekends are deliveries and pickups for cakes and more baked goods and walk-in cake decorating, which is a huge part of the business. Having people come in and grab a small cake and we set them up with candy and frosting and whatever they need and they can sit here and use our turntables and our tools.

I can also just do what I want here. I love it. I love having the space and doing what I love and it’s my passion to do cake, and here I am.

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