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Residents urge Town to keep easternmost portion of Riverside Drive

Several speakers urged the Town Board not to give the eastern portion of Riverside Drive over to Suffolk County, which wants to tear up the pavement and reseed the road, which cuts through the county’s Indian Island Golf Course. 

The board held a public informational meeting on the plan, which Suffolk County has asked the town to do.

“Don’t do it,” said resident Steve Jackson. “It’s a town road.”

He said the highway department hardly spends any money on it, and people use it for fishing and crabbing. 

“This road is not hurting anyone,” said resident Larry Kaiser, who also opposes giving the road to the county. He too said he uses it for fishing and crabbing. 

“I’m against giving away any waterfront access,” said Robert Skinner of Jamesport. 


Ken Zahler, who owns a business on Maple Avenue, urged the Town Board to require the developer of the 116-unit Riverside Lofts apartments on the south side of East Main Street to fix any damage to resident Arlene Doroszka’s home before it gives a certificate of occupancy to the apartments. 

Ms. Doroszka, along with members of the adjacent Riverhead United Methodist Church, say that the pounding from pile driving taking place at the construction site for the apartments is damaging their century-old buldings, which are across the street from the construction site. 

Mr. Zahler said he’s seen water bouncing in glasses and windows shaking when the pile driving takes place. 

“She has extensive damage,” he said. 

Mr. Zahler urged the board to pass a resolution withholding the certificate of occupancy until the developer fixes the damage. 

The developer, Georgica Green Ventures, maintains that it is not causing the damage to Ms.Doroszka’s and the church. 

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