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Riverhead IDA: We’re working to become more transparent

The Riverhead Industrial Development Agency is working to become more accessible to the public, members told the Town Board during a work session last week. 

In June, the agency announced that IDA meetings will be streamed live on channel 22 on Cablevision and on the Riverhead Town we`bsite, where they will be archived afterward.

Lori Ann Pipczynski said that the IDA amended its application, so now there will be a summary sheet on the first page that will be posted to the website before every public hearing.

“This way the public has, in a nutshell, what that application entails,” she said.

She also said for more complex proposals, the board has put together synopses that involves more details than a summary.

Meeting agendas are now located on the homepage of the IDA website. She also uploaded a PowerPoint that was previously shared with the Town Board explaining what the IDA’s role is in the community.

The agency has begun posting quarterly reports on its website, listing public hearings, presentations and approvals given during the previous three months.

The IDA has authorized the involvement of an outside consultant who will provide assistance to Tracy James-Stark, executive director of the IDA, in maintaining the website and indexing project information. There will also be a new projects page on the site, which will highlight some reasons a project was approved. Proposals that are denied will not appear on the quarterly reports, but those interested will be able to view them in the minutes.

“Those are the things we’re happy to report over the last six months and I think that you’ll see a lot more accessibility,” Ms. Pipczynski said.

The IDA requested a town board liaison, and Town Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith said it is something she would consider. The liaison would not have a vote, but would be able to offer opinions.