Planning Board agrees to less parking at Jamesport pizza bistro

The Planning Board also agreed last week to amend its August site plan approval for Jamesport Bistro in order to reduce the number of parking spaces from 38 to 22. 

The applicant had received approval to create a pizza bistro within an existing winery building at Jamesport Vineyards. The property also has an existing two-story single-family residence, and the applicants requested  the reduction because they felt parking spaces were too close to the residence, according to planning aide Greg Bergman.

The plan also shows an undeveloped overflow lot with room for 46 more stalls if needed. Only 17 parking spaces are required by zoning, he said. 

The existing parking lot is stone rather than pavement, according to Mr. Bergman.

“Less paving, it sounds good to me,” Planning Board member Ed Densieski said. 

Mr. Bergman suggested that the change can be made through an “administrative” approval by planning staff, which doesn’t require a resolution from the Planning Board. Such approvals are only done on minor applications, officials said.

Board members had no objections to the proposal. 

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Photo credit: A pizza served at Jamesport Vineyards. (Grant Parpan, file photo)