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Library budgets approved in Riverhead, Baiting Hollow

The Riverhead Free Library’s 2019-20 budget was overwhelmingly approved by voters Tuesday by a vote of 242-84. 

Likewise, the Baiting Hollow library budget, which is voted on by the same voters at the Riverhead library, was approved 231-95.

In Riverhead, three new members were elected to the library board of trustees. Marylin Banks-Winter, Annette Totten and David Friedrich were elected from a field of 12 candidates, according to Library director Kerrie McMullen-Smith.

The budget votes in both Riverhead and Baiting Hollow are technically votes on a service contract between the Riverhead School District and the library.

Riverhead library officials said the tax levy for the 2019-2020 budget remained the same as the current year at $3,812,557.

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