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Residents petition against proposed zoning change for Vinland Commons

A petition with 72 signatures was submitted to Riverhead Town Board Tuesday opposing changes to the Rural Corridor zoning along Main Road in Jamesport.

The petitions were triggered by an application filed by Vinland Commons with the town Zoning Board of Appeals, seeking permission to include retail and office uses in that zone, which currently permits retail uses only between South Jamesport and Washington avenues.

Patricia Stern, the attorney for Vinland Commons, argued that the town had approved retail uses in this area even after the zoning was changed in 2004 to prohibit them.

While Vinland Commons had sought to incorporate a 7-Eleven at the site in 2016, Ms. Stern said at recent ZBA meeting that 7-Eleven is no longer interested in the location, and that Vinland Commons is not seeking a convenience store.

Despite this, some of the petitions have “Stop 7-Eleven” at the top of them, along with “Keep the Rural Corridor Zoning in Place. It’s really the best zoning for our area.”

The Aug. 8 ZBA hearing on Vinland Commons had been adjourned until Aug. 22. The ZBA then adjourned the discussion and public hearing to Sept. 12.

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