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Public hearing set for Nov. 6 on car wash special permit

A proposal to build a car wash, office, restaurant and retail uses at the southeast corner of Route 58 and Pulaski Street has been drastically reduced in size. It is now just car wash.

The application, from 1535 Route 58 LLC, also calls for a smaller 3,809-square-foot car wash compared to the original 5,624 square feet.

Access to the car wash is proposed from Pulaski Street and Pulaski Street extension, and not from Route 58, according to the applicant. The car wash owners also have cross easement agreement with the car dealership to the east that will allow traffic to enter the car wash from the dealership.

The proposal will require a special permit from the Town Board, which requires a public hearing.

Town Board members plan to schedule that hearing for the Nov. 6 meeting, which starts at 2 p.m.

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