The Work We Do: Stuart Steuer, Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning

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My name is Stuart Steuer. I work for Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning.

I am a senior service tech and I’ve been working here for about two years now. 

A typical day, we drive up to the shop, we arrive by 8 o’clock, we gather our parts and whatever service filters that we need, we load up the truck and we head out to our customers.

Basically, we show up and we do maintenance and no-heat calls and no-air conditioning calls. It could be three calls, it could be five calls, seven calls — during the summer, when it’s really busy, it’s peak time, we can run anywhere between seven and nine calls per day.

Flanders has been around since 1954. We service all eastern Suffolk. We do all over from [the] Suffolk County line, out east to Montauk.

We typically use regular hand tools and we use combustion analyzers, soot vacs. If the boiler is not firing correctly and you have soot that builds up inside the chamber, you use the vacuum to clean it out.

I’ve been in this industry for 23 years. I do plumbing, heating and air conditioning; electrical, also. I worked for my family company for 22 years and started out as an apprentice and worked my way up to a mechanic.

My favorite part? Definitely the install side of it. Being able to install new equipment in someone’s house and give them heat and air conditioning.

You know, the more experience you have, the better you get. Every day is a learning experience and every day there’s something new to learn.

I grew up in this industry and that’s what I love to do — to be able to help people out and fix their heat and air conditioning or whatever they need. If you enjoy doing your job, you might as well stay with it.

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