Officers to monitor Riverhead Town beaches on weekends for social distancing, PPE

Beaches in Riverhead Town will be monitored by a police officer or traffic control officer starting this month from noon to 8 p.m. on weekends, the police department said Sunday.

Officers will be posted at the entrances to the Wading River, Reeves, Roanoke, South Jamesport and Iron Pier beaches. They will allow vehicles entry if they have a 2019 Town of Riverhead parking permit. 2020 permits are not currently for sale, but may be in the future.

Officers will be monitoring for proper social distancing and recommended use of personal protective equipment if available.

“Voluntary compliance is the ultimate goal to keep everyone safe and allow the beaches to remain open,” a press release said.

The Suffolk County Supervisors Association announced May 1 it would be forming a task force combining supervisors from all the Suffolk County towns, as well as those in Nassau County, to start a collaborative effort to look at ways the towns can coordinate summer programs and facilities.