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Brown appointed to fill vacant Assessor’s seat

Dana Brown, an employee of the Riverhead Town Assessor’s office and a Republican nominee for Assessor, was appointed to the post she’s running for on Tuesday.

Ms. Brown, who has worked as an assessment clerk for the town since November 2013, will fill the remainder of the term vacated in February by retiring Assessor Mason Haas.

She will look to fill the seat for a four-year term with a win in the upcoming town election in November. Republicans announced their intention to nominate her to run for the position in February and she will appear on the ballot alongside incumbent Assessor Laverne Tennenberg against Democratic nominees Tara Taylor and Ellen Hoil.

Ms. Brown’s appointment was granted unanimously Tuesday and met with applause from the nominee and family members who showed up to support her.

Ms. Brown was also granted a leave of absence from her civil service post, allowing her to return to that position next year should she not be elected in November.