Letters to the editor: This is nuts


Biden’s border policies aren’t working

In thoughtful, pragmatic and sympathetic terms, President Biden’s immigration policy represents a compelling and consequential political miscalculation. Southern border crossers from China, Russia, Western Africa, Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean nations have altered the “crossers” demographics in a truly remarkable manner. This new normal is defined by infants, toddlers and scores of seniors — many with special needs — that likely number in the millions; and yes, most receive public assistance and will for years to come. 

Clearly, President Biden deserved much better policy advice than he was given and he should have been warned of the predicable marginalization of the Central American immigrant community — our valued and admired East End neighbors. And sad that his legacy will likely be defined by cultural and demographic imperatives with their roots in the Rio Grande Valley and the non-border that it represents.

Dick Marakovits


This is nuts

Why does a border exist? To stop illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband and people. This is essential to homeland security, economic prosperity and our sovereignty.

So why would any senator or representative vote for a bill that allows the illegal movement of people through the border? As General Anthony McAuliffe said when asked to surrender at the Bulge, “Nuts”! So I guess I am saying if you vote for this bill you are nuts. I need a passport to enter another country’s border or an enhanced driver’s license. I have to enter at designated Port of Entry. 

Why should a bill in Congress allow people from all over the world to illegally enter our country and bypass what our citizens are required to do to enter another country? I am betwixt at this reasoning. So I am calling Congress to tell them this bill is nutty and to reject it as such. Please join me.

Bob Bittner


The ‘Christian’ right is wrong on this

The credo of the religious right can be summed up in one simple sentence stated by Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black (1937-1971): “The layman’s Constitutional view is that what he likes is Constitutional and which he doesn’t like is Unconstitutional.” The Christian Right states that our Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution on Christian principles. Our founding fathers knew theocracies caused civil unrest and wars. The Bill of Rights was created to grow and expand over the decades because the Constitution was set up that way. Today our country has a large secular population, a diverse religious population and cultural diversity. Sadly the religious right ignores the facts of the past & present. Justice Black’s words are still true today.

Warren McKnight