Riverhead releases draft comprehensive plan

Riverhead Town has released drafts of all 13 chapters of its Comprehensive Plan Update. 

All chapters have now been posted online at, where they are available for public review. Residents and all stakeholders are encouraged to review the proposals and can submit comments to [email protected]

The deadline for comments is Friday, March 15; however, there will be an additional opportunity for comment at a future Town Board public hearing, to be scheduled once a revised plan is presented for consideration.

According to officials, Chapter 13 of the updated plan, entitled “Future Land Use,” serves as a summation of the draft proposals, offering a comprehensive overview of recommendations relating to potential changes in land use and zoning, and thus providing a road map for sustainable development and growth in Riverhead.

The revised draft will also be amended into a more graphic format with photos, charts and other visual elements to enhance clarity and understanding.

According to the town’s website, “the Comprehensive Plan is an official, long-range ‘blueprint’ for the future of the Town. It details the community’s vision for the future and guides Riverhead on a wide range of issues such as future decisions on land use and development, capital spending, and general policy direction. The Comprehensive Plan also provides strategies addressing economic development, farmland preservation and the agricultural economy, housing, revitalization of Main Street and Hamlet centers, transportation, sustainable development, climate resiliency, and natural resource preservation and water quality. 

The Comprehensive Plan reflects changes that have taken place since the prior plan was adopted in 2003. It also incorporates policies from the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, the Downtown Riverhead Pattern Book, and other recent plans.”

Officials encouraged residents “to participate in two upcoming public workshops. The first was held on April 22nd, and the second will be in the fall, once recommendations are ready to discuss with the public. We will also hold a series of meetings with key stakeholders, committees, and commissions in the coming months.”