09/24/18 7:00pm

My name is Ina Pollifrone-Visich and I own Solntse Hot Yoga in Wading River and Riverhead.

Every day is different. We have different classes here so it depends what time we start. Some days we have classes as early at 5 a.m. and other days classes start at 9 a.m. We change and fluctuate the schedule with the seasons due to most of our customers working in the fall, winter and spring and then being off in the summer. READ

09/20/18 6:00am

Anyone who has driven on Route 58 in Riverhead knows Edwards Sports Center, a sporting goods store that has become something of a town landmark, standing there since 1954.

Owners Diane and Ron McGee have decided it’s time for them to retire, and with that comes the closing of their longstanding store. It sits on the corner of East Main Street and Route 58 in Riverhead and has become known for its selection of firearms, ammunition and hunting gear. READ

09/06/18 6:00am

The night Superstorm Sandy hit Long Island in October 2012, Jim and Peggy LoScalzo watched the storm that left much of the South Shore flooded and damaged and thousands without power move across Long Island Sound.

The sky became very still as the storm passed over them. All of a sudden, they saw water rushing towards them and ran for cover deeper in their house that sits on the end of Creek Road in Wading River. READ

09/04/18 6:00am

Hi, my name is Melody Calcano. I work for Maximum Motorsports as their finance manager.

I have been with Maximum Motorsports for about three and a half years now.

Before I came into finance I was in the sales department. I definitely have my own wonderful clientele, which I love to death. READ

08/28/18 5:55am

Hi, I’m Giavanna Anzalone. I’m the assistant manager at Maximus Health and Fitness. I’ve been working here for about a year now.

So every day I come in, usually I start by making sure there are no member issues.

Usually at four, when I come in, that’s when all our classes are starting, so I say hi to all the members that are coming in. READ