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03/15/19 6:00am
03/15/2019 6:00 AM

Calverton Aviation & Technology faces a May 20 deadline to decide if it will moving forward with the purchase of 1,643 acres of land from Riverhead Town for $40 million. After that, many of the next steps are up to the town, according to Frank Isler, the attorney representing the town on the Enterprise Park at Calverton sale. (more…)

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02/25/19 4:48am
02/25/2019 4:48 AM

The cost of the Calverton Sewer District upgrade is now about $3 million more than it was estimated three years ago, but officials say they have received several grants to cover most of the costs.

Rates for construction materials and equipment have risen since that time, according to sewer district attorney Richard Ehlers, who gave an overview of the project at last Thursday’s Town Board work session. Its estimated price tag is now at $10.56 million. READ

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02/21/19 4:51am
02/21/2019 4:51 AM

Calverton Aviation and Technology has now formally requested a 90-day extension of the 90-day “due diligence” period that was called for in the agreement to buy 1,643 acres of land from Riverhead Town for $40 million. READ

01/13/19 5:57am

The Riverhead Town Board has made a momentous and apparently irreversible decision to sell 1,600 acres of EPCAL land at a giveaway price to Calverton Aviation & Technology, completely controlled by the controversial Ghermezian family. The Coalition Against EPCAL Housing opposed that action on behalf of Riverhead’s neighborhood associations and environmental organizations. READ