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03/18/18 5:58am
03/18/2018 5:58 AM

North Fork anglers are always restless in the winter. Tautog and sea bass are memories, winter flounder are virtually extinct and fluke are at least four months away. If you are lucky like one of our Southold friends who heads far enough south, you can contemplate sunny skies and good snook fishing, but what about Long Island cod fishing?  READ

06/07/16 11:58am
06/07/2016 11:58 AM


Black sea bass fishing in New York was suspended for a month beginning June 1, prompting a backlash from fishermen who say the regulations are unnecessary right now and are only hurting the fishing industry.  READ

12/07/14 12:00pm
12/07/2014 12:00 PM

Whenever we fish Long Island beaches in the fall and look at anglers fishing the suds, we always see one or more individuals slinging surface lures. In most cases, especially when there’s no “blitz” of diving birds and splashing bait, these folks would be better served casting tipped bucktails or tins. Yet they persist. Why? (more…)