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12/05/19 3:31pm
12/05/2019 3:31 PM

Onlookers, tucked into back corners of the overflowing courtroom, whispered to each other with each bit of moving testimony. A juror requested tissues to wipe away tears. Even members of the defendant’s family could be seen battling the emotions as John McMorris testified Thursday to the afternoon of Sept. 30, 2018, when he tended to his son in what would end up being the final hours of his young life.  READ

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12/04/19 12:10pm
12/04/2019 12:10 PM

A toxicologist’s notes that had not been turned over in the case against Thomas Murphy include projections that show the defendant’s blood alcohol level could have been less than what the expert testified to in court Tuesday and, more importantly, below the legal threshold for several charges in the indictment. READ

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12/03/19 8:09pm
12/03/2019 8:09 PM

A toxicologist who testified Tuesday that Thomas Murphy’s blood alcohol content was likely two times over the legal limit at the time he crashed into a pack of Boy Scouts last September, was asked to return to the witness stand for a second day of testimony after it was revealed that he failed to turn over to prosecutors notes he took in relation to the case. READ

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11/27/19 8:20pm
11/27/2019 8:20 PM

The defense attorney for Thomas Murphy, the 60-year-old Holbrook man accused of driving drunk into a pack of Boy Scouts in Manorville, killing one, called into question how the vial carrying blood drawn from his client was transported and whether investigators in the case had conflicts of interest due to close ties with the victims’ families on the trial’s 10th day Wednesday. READ

11/25/19 7:28pm
11/25/2019 7:28 PM

The arresting officer in the case of Thomas Murphy, the man accused of driving into a pack of Boy Scouts last year, killing a 12-year-old Wading River boy, testified Monday that the Holbrook man had bloodshot eyes, the odor of alcohol on his breath and was unsteady on his feet at the Manorville crash scene. READ