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09/08/17 4:15pm
09/08/2017 4:15 PM

Local residents urged the Riverhead Town Planning Board to reject Riverhead Ciderhouse’s application to amend its site plan Thursday night and said the business has consistently built extensions and alterations without town approval and has violated covenants it agreed to.


07/30/17 6:00am
07/30/2017 6:00 AM

Grapes and Greens, also known as Riverhead Ciderhouse, is seeking to amend the previously approved site plan for its Sound Avenue business in order to allow music to be played outdoors through wall-mounted speakers, as well as incorporate other changes that have already been completed but, according to Riverhead Town officials, do not conform with their previously approved plans. READ

06/28/17 5:19pm
06/28/2017 5:19 PM

Island Harvest Food Bank has been helping families for 25 years through programs that provide nutritious food in times of need, whether it be weekly through their Weekend Backpack Feeding Program or after natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


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05/03/17 12:33pm
05/03/2017 12:33 PM

Riverhead Town is considering a ban on left turns exiting Riverhead Ciderhouse despite a traffic study’s determination that such a requirement would create a more dangerous traffic situation.

The Town Board held a public hearing Tuesday and discussed traffic concerns at the cider house, which is located at Grapes and Greens food processing facility on Sound Avenue in Calverton.