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11/05/18 6:00am
11/05/2018 6:00 AM

By now, you’ve probably heard them debate the issues — and you’ve certainly seen their TV ads — but who are they?

Here’s some background on the candidates for Congress, state Senate and state Assembly. READ

11/05/13 11:00am
11/05/2013 11:00 AM

Locals head to the polls on Tuesday to vote for their picks for several public offices, as well as a list of ballot propositions that include a state-permitted casino gambling referendum.

Below is a recap of the candidates who are seeking public office.

Two-year term, full time
2014 salary: $115,150

Candidate profiles: Sean Walter, Angela DeVito

Watch: Town supervisor debate at Suffolk Theater


Four-year term, part time
Salary: $48,955

Candidate profiles: John Dunleavy, Jodi Giglio, Bill Bianchi, Millie Thomas

Watch: Town council debate at Suffolk Theater

Salary: $84,178
Four-year term, full time

Candidate profiles: George Woodson, Michael Panchak

Four-year term (full time)
Salary: $74,449/$84,047 for chair

Candidate profilesLaverne Tennenberg and Gregory Fischer

Two-year term, part-time
Salary: $96,958

Candidate profilesAlbie DeKerillis and Al Krupski

Two-year term, full-time
2014 salary: $79,500 plus per diem

Candidate profilesAnthony Palumbo and John McManmon

11/03/13 10:01am
11/03/2013 10:01 AM

Anthony Palumbo and John McManmon


Two-year term, full-time

2014 salary: $79,500 plus per diem


Hamlet: Aquebogue

Occupation: Lawyer

Party lines: Democratic,
Independence, Working Families

About him: John McManmon, 28, was raised on Eastern Long Island and is a graduate of Riverhead High School, Tulane University and Columbia Law School. Since law school, he has been an attorney in private practice.

His pitch: Mr. McManmon recalls his experience in New Orleans as a student when Hurricane Katrina hit – namely seeing the role government played when disaster struck – as an inspiration to run for public office. He says he wants to ensure that Eastern Long Island is a place where middle-class people can find decent jobs, afford homes and build their lives, offering a plan he says will reduce the tax burden and attract jobs.

The Aquebogue native most recently worked as lawyer for a New York City law firm and cites his pro bono work as a source of pride.

In his words: “My campaign is founded on the idea that honest and hard work can make a real difference in people’s lives. In the Assembly, that’s precisely what I intend to do.”


Hamlet: New Suffolk

Occupation: Lawyer

Party lines: Republican, Conservative

About him: Mr. Palumbo, 43, a lifelong Suffolk County resident, worked for the New York County District Attorney’s Office after college and attended St. John’s University Law School. In 1998, he joined the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, eventually becoming East End trial supervisor. In 2004, he entered private practice in a small Mattituck firm.

His pitch: Mr. Palumbo lives, works and has raised his family in the 2nd Assembly District, investing his time, business and family’s future here. Returning effective government to the people begins with a no-nonsense approach to governing and Mr. Palumbo said he intends to use his prosecutorial experience to tackle corruption head-on and restore the public trust in public service. He is dedicated to strengthening New York’s public corruption laws, protecting small businesses from the rising costs of big government, reducing spending and controlling our property taxes.

In his words: “Residents are tired of countless stories of corruption.”

Read our endorsement for the State Assembly race here.