Riley Avenue Elementary presents ‘Cinderella’

03/13/2011 12:19 PM |

Students at Riley Avenue Elementary School presented “Cinderella” Saturday at Riverhead High School.  The play was produced by fourth grade teacher Jim Schaefer and starred Kimberly Gershel and Ella Malanga as Cinderella and RJ Steuber as the prince.

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BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Prince RJ Steuber and Cinderella Ella Malanga at the ball after the kiss.



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  • My daughter was a dancer and you did not get one picture of the dancers VERY disappointed!!!

  • The show was amazing. The cast was very good. Thanks, Barbara-Ellen.

  • I have to agree. Where are the pictures of the ballroom dancers….not one. However you have 3-4 pictures each of the King, Prince, Cinderella & even the mice /rats. There were over 8 couples of ballroom dancers & you failed to acknowledge them. My son was sad when the neighbors told us about your website’s pictures & he finds none of ballroom dancers. I believe its the only group you excluded. The Elementary production was terrific & all the kids did a great job, regardless if they were the leads or not.