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A 9mm Luger handgun and rounds were found tucked inside a lunch bag near the south entrance of Tanger Outlets Sunday. A man told police he ran over the bag, pulled over and picked it up. Inside were the handgun, seven Winchester Luger rounds and one magazine. The gun and ammunition were found about 1 p.m. and turned over to police.

• A Quogue man was arrested Saturday morning after police said he slapped a female acquaintance at the River Pointe apartments on East Main Street in Riverhead. Town police said Roger Anderson, 45, held the victim down and slapped her, causing bruises to her right eye and forearms. Mr. Anderson was charged with second-degree harassment in the 9 a.m. incident.

• A Westhampton Beach man was arrested for driving while ability impaired and other charges early Friday after he fled on foot from police during a traffic stop on East Main Street, authorities said.
After running from the cops, Tyrone Ford, 34, was first caught in a Doris Avenue yard about 2:45 a.m., officials said. But he wriggled free, only to be finally caught in a yard on Lewis Street, where he was arrested and charged with DWAI, reckless driving, fleeing a police officer and resisting arrest, officials said.

• A suspected burglar was caught last Wednesday because the shirt he was wearing matched the description of a suspect in a nearby break-in in Riverhead, authorities said.
A resident of Ellen Street reported to police that he spotted a man wearing a blue jersey bearing the number 34 rummaging through material on his property. Soon after the 6 p.m. report, police officers spotted 32-year-old Paul Booker of Riverhead walking on nearby Doctors Path wearing a jersey that matched that description.
The resident confirmed that Mr. Booker was the man who has been on his property and Mr. Booker was charged with second-degree burglary.

• William Siagrannis, 26, of Wading River was arrested by state police Sunday and charged with DWI. No additional details were available.

• Lily Wittmeier, 24, of Aquebogue was arrested by state police Sunday and charged with DWI. No additional details were available.

• Three cows that escaped from Gabrielsen’s Country Farm on Main Road in Jamesport were led back to their pens unharmed last Wednesday. The incident, which occurred at Riverhead Councilman George Gabrielsen’s farm, was reported about 5 a.m.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.



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  • One reason, among many, that I love living on the East End: escaped farmyard animals make the police blotter!

  • Why aren’t their professions included in the article? Seems to me if you do it for one you should do it for all.

  • wow love the small town publishing… coming back from bridgehampton, the taste of the two forks winery event and blew a .11 (2 oz glass of wine over the limit). The open container was a bottle of cabernet sauvginon i wished to save; furthermore it was shelter island police not southold pd. lastly, why is a different township being reported anyway???

  • It is good thing the police got him off the road before he hurt himself or someone else. .11 is over the former limit, which was more forgiving. Also, the amount of alcohol needed to increase your BAC varies based on your weight. 2 oz of wine will have a very different effect on differnt people.

    note: it would be a great idea for police to give sobriety checks at the parking lot exit from these events. I have seen it prevent many people from making this same mistake.

  • These police checks are ridiculous. You can’t have two beers or two glasses of wine without being stigmatized as “DWI.” This legal limit is an excuse to terrorize people.

  • true, the original limit of .1 was more lenient than .08. however, i do not consider .1 (1 shot, 1 beer, or 5 oz glass of wine) forgiving to begin with.

  • Maybe if we had affordable public transportation running in the evenings we wouldn’t have this problem. I once had to take a cab home from a certain Greenport waterfront bar to my home in Mattituck…the fee was $55. I spent more on my ride home than I did at the bar. Also, shouldn’t the establishment that overserved them be in some kind of trouble? Where are the fines for the vineyards and bars? If people continually leave the same places and receive DWIs, then that establishment should lose its liquor license. It seems like arresting more and more people for DWI isn’t the answer to the real problem here.

  • The DWI laws are onerous and not real world. Everyone leaving Legends restaurant or Four Doors down would be DWI. The local police should not ticket people unless they appear to be impaired, or fail tests other than the breathalizer.

  • The legal limit is an arbitrary number established by groups of people conducting studies upstate. Everyone agrees that people react to alcohol in different ways. If i can pass a road test with a BAC of .14, doesn’t that show that I am capable of driving under the influence and not a danger on the road? On the other hand, everyone has that friend that gets “drunk” from their first drink and may only have a BAC of .03 or .04, but their behavior and ability to operate a motor vehicle are impaired. Also, in NYS DWAI is convictable with a BAC of only .05. That is about equivalent to splitting a bottle of wine over dinner….better stay a little while after desert or you’re taking a risk. Get real. Especially in Mr. Cato’s case. He got pulled over at a random check point because his registration and inspection were not up to date, not because he was swerving or a menace on the road. I understand the need for safety on the roads, but it seems that the last few years of increasing punishments and reducing the level at which a crime takes place are a knee jerk reaction to a very small percentage of serious alcohol related accidents. I love your idea of sobriety checks in parking lots…maybe all businesses serving alcohol should have a public meter at which patrons could measure themselves and get an idea where they stand.

  • so glad to know the police are stopping these fools , who drink and drive before they hurt someone!!

  • Bull, you shouldn’t be driving if you’ve had a drink. Even one.

  • You’re right and if they’re driving they should all be arrested and fined. Is everyone posting here a drunk, or what?

  • I do object to publishing people’s names, especially in this small-town area, but they are right to arrest them.

  • I do object to publishing people’s names, especially in this small-town area, but they are right to arrest them.

  • And another drunk heard from.

  • Are you serious? The whole North Fork is inviting hoards of people to come out here and drink – starting in the afternoon mind you. There is a difference between having a drink or two, and being impaired.

  • LOL yes everyone who apposes your view is a drunk…be serious.

  • Many people who drink aren’t aware when they are impaired. Designated driver. Don’t even have one drink and drive.

  • I’m sure both those drivers thought they were “fine” to drive. I’m sorry, I’m suspect at everyone here who is saying that driving after any amount of alcohol intake is ok.