Congratulations to the Aquebogue School students of the week for the month of March! Kindergarten: DeVaughn Latney, Curtis Spruill, Donna Valdez, Andrea Chabla, Antonio Salguero-Ortega, Jonathan Figueroa, Samuel Lemus, Gustavo Bartolome, Katy Paredes, Maksim Asanov, Rileigh Frend, Matthew Formisano, Mahogony Parker, Kaya Payton. First grade: Freedom Lynah, Madison Stromski, Keilana Campo, Kimberly King, Aaron Gaines-Bullock, Alexa Slasinski, Angelina Mitova, Brody Moorman, Nathaniel Gabrielsen, Jenifer Morales-Avila, Jordan Palmer, Joshua Carey, Aidan Griffiths, Jose Flores, Hugo Escobar, Roberto Nicolas-Gutierrez, Tori Bloss, Brian Martinez-Hernandez. Second grade: Kimberly Mulgrew, Crysten Apicello, Casey Scharpf, Haylie Tierney, Denis Calle-Ortega, Casey Dunbar, Diego Elizalde, Wilmer Alvarado, Nicholas Koukounas, Abigail Morreale, Katie Goodale, Justin Dicks, Lauren Kenny, Alexandra Confort, Kaylen Lockhart, Jagger Rubio, Lydia Bilski. Third grade: Hannah Keitel, Matthew Moore, Ethan Doyle, Dominic Bossey, Joshua Johnson, Annie Fink, Kristen O’Connor, Casey Hansen, Trequan Ward-Worthington, Connor Zaneski, Kayla Kielbasa. Fourth grade: Izabela Radziwonski, Shannon Schmidt, Kayla Taylor, Amiri Banks, Carlos Perez, Amya Douglas, Scott Thompson, Monika Kolota, Laura Curry, Mark Yat, Maria Torres, Johana Bartolome, Byron Coc-Puluc, Anizia Wise, Angel Camarillo. BOCES: Julian Krushinski, Ricky Hernandez, Anthony Elliott.

There will be a lovely Spring Tea tomorrow, Friday, April 23, at 1 p.m., in the historic Naugles Barn at Hallockville Museum Farm in Riverhead. The afternoon promises to be quite special, with tea, food and stories. Richard Wines and Nancy Gilbert will be entertaining everyone with tales of scandal in old Northville. There will be an auction of hand-knot pieces made by the Hallockville Knitters. Tickets are $25 and are limited, so reservations are still required. Call 298-5292 today or early Friday morning to be certain that there is still room for you! The proceeds from this event will support Hallockville’s educational programs.

The spring cleanup at the Jamesport Meeting House was rescheduled because of inclement weather. It will begin this Saturday, April 24, at 9 a.m. Some of the cleanup chores that need to be done are bundling branches, planting bulbs that were donated by Colorful Gardens, grading, raking and seeding the back area and filling in some small depressions in the lawn. Please bring rakes, gloves and any shovels you may have. Remember, many hands make light work! If you have any questions, e-mail Richard Wines at [email protected] or call him at 722-5170.

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors who have reached out to us in support of our daughter, Johanna. She has been struggling for many weeks with increased pain and neurological symptoms. Last Friday, Johanna had her 76th surgery at Stony Brook, to replace the shunt valve in her brain. We spent a few days being monitored in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. When we were there, we read last week’s article about Spencer Shea’s birthday celebration and his throwing the first pitch at Little League’s opening day! I shared the article with our PICU staff. Johanna and Spencer share a lot of the same wonderful doctors and nurses. This is a tough road for these kids, but I’d rather be walking this road with Johanna than grieving it without her. Thanks again!