BID ‘Alive on 25’ fireworks, laser show this summer

The Riverhead Business Improvement District (BID) will have just two major “Alive on 25” events this summer, according to executive director Kristy Verity.

One of them will be the popular fireworks show, which traditionally draws a big crowd. This year, it will take place Friday, July 5.

The other is something brand new: A laser light show in downtown scheduled for Friday, Aug. 9.

“What we wanted to do is have two big events,” Ms. Verity said. “We want to do big events that would be a big draw both times.”

“We’re going to do a laser light show over the river and onto the Town Square,” she said of the August event. “There will be light beams bouncing off of the two buildings and we will set up a screen so they’ll go by the riverside as well. So we’re excited about that.”

“I like the fact that ‘Alive on 25’ has been brought down to two dates,” Mr. Hubbard said. “I think you’re going have two really hugely attended programs doing it that way. Before, it kind of watered it down. I think you’re going to see that each of these will be like the fireworks show.” 

Ms. Verity said that having the four events was a drain on the town’s resources. She said this allows the BID to work with other events being held downtown. 

All of the other annual BID events that aren’t part of “Alive on 25” will be back as well. Those include the Cardboard Boat Race on Aug. 3; Oktoberfest on Oct. 5; the Halloween Festival on Oct. 19; and the Holiday Parade and Santa House on Dec. 14.