Flanders Column: 73 or older? You can bag the leaf bags

Happy November, friends and neighbors. So, what did you think about that storm last weekend? I’m so glad it didn’t snow but I had to turn on my heat even though I said that I could hold out until Nov. 1. Yup, it’s November.

What a busy month this is going to be. The kids will be off from school Tuesday the 8th and Friday the 11th. Then again for three days for Thanksgiving break. Christmas shopping needs to get started. Yes, it’s official — the crazy season is starting. I’m going to try to remain a little positive. We’re one month closer to spring and that’s going to be my happy thought to carry me through the long winter road ahead.

This is going to be a shorter column than usual as I haven’t received one email or phone call from the residents with news to share. I’m putting out a plea to Flanders Little League to please send me some kind of information regarding registration. I’m sure it’s getting under way and I’d hate for anyone to miss out. If you are on the board, please call me or email me with the details.

Hello, FRNCA, I haven’t heard from you in a while. Please have your committee members who handle the press releases call me or email me with news that you’d like to share. Phillips Avenue School … is there nothing going on this month? I’m sure there is something you’d like us to know. Anyone who is reading this column, I need to know of any birthdays, anniversaries, vacation news, new baby or new marriage news. In order for this column to continue I’m going to have to write about things that are happening in our area. That said, if I don’t know what’s going on, what’s the point of this column?

In case you missed my column last week, pickup of loose leaves this year will only be for Southampton Town residents age 73 or older. All leaves must be bagged in biodegradable or paper bags, which are sold in the stores. If you are 73 or older, you will need to go to the highway department located in Hampton Bays to get a voucher. This is the only way the town will pick up loose leaves. You can also cart your own debris to the local transfer station or hire a contractor to pick them up for you. For more info, call 728-3600 or visit and click on Highway Department.

That is all for this week. Please remember to drive safely and don’t talk or text while driving. Don’t forget to call or email me with any news you’d like to share. If you call and don’t receive a return phone call from me, please call me back. I live with teenagers who, you know, are not the best at delivering messages. I’ll also send you a confirmation email stating that I received your email. If you don’t get one that probably means I didn’t get yours.

Thanks, everyone. Have a wonderful and hopefully warm weekend. Take care.