Ziggy Wilinski elected to 9th term as Polish Hall president

JENNETT MERIDEN RUSSELL FILE PHOTO | Polish Hall bartender Ed Jeneski, 85, and Polish Hall President Ziggy Wilinski, 64, remember the history of the local catering hall in January.

Ziggy Wilinksi sees his job as president of Polish Hall as an opportunity for him to be a voice for the people of Polish Town.

Now he can continue being that voice — for at least another year.

Mr. Wilinski was reelected this week to a ninth term as president of the Polish Hall social club and community gathering place on Marcy Avenue.

“I listen to people and help whenever I can,” Mr. Wilinski said. “I really believe that people should help each other and not be critical all the time.”

Mr. Wilinski, 65, is a lifelong resident of Riverhead and was its postmaster of 31 years before retiring. He was also a member of the Army and served one tour in Vietnam that he said began on Christmas Eve 1968.

“The ironic thing about that tour was I met five people from Riverhead,” he said. “One of the people, I will always remember, ended up working for me as a mail carrier.”

John Galla, a member of the Polish Hall board of directors called Mr. Wilinski’s reelection “a testament to what he’s brought to the job. His level of dedication is second to none.”

Mr. Wilinski said he would not be successful if it weren’t for his 16-member board of directors and 120 members.

“They’re the ones who make me go,” he said.

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