Photos: Wild turkey joins new flock in Polish Town

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Polish Town's new mascot is most often seen sitting atop area sheds, and coming up to back doors for food.

Michelle Gromadzki has seen plenty of Canada geese and even a few chickens near her house over the 29 years she’s lived in Riverhead’s Polish Town.

But the latest visitor to her yard is a little more unique, a little more of gobbling-type.

“I’ve never seen [anything like this] before,” she said.

“It showed up last Thursday and has come back every day for food since,” said another neighbor.

Over the last week or so, a wild turkey has visited Ms. Gromadzki and her neighbors. The fowl that’s apparently lost its flock now spends its time flying from house to house, perching on neighbor’s roofs, and snacking on water and food left out by his generous new neighbors.

Ms. Gromadzki said she first saw the turkey about six days ago, when her Boston Terrier, Daisy, was playing in the bushes. Suddenly, she said, the turkey jumped out of the bush and strutted across the yard.

“[The turkey] was not afraid,” she said. “I think she liked playing with him.”

Now, Ms. Gromadzki sees the turkey flying from yard to yard each day. And though the neighbors haven’t named the wild fowl yet, Ms. Gromadzki said she doesn’t want the neighborhood’s newest friend to leave.

“My husband said, ‘I hope somebody doesn’t kill him for their dinner,'” she joked. “I sure hope not. He’s so beautiful.”