Featured Letter: Let’s hear from our youth on Wading River development?

BARBARAELLEN KOCH FILE PHOTO | A ‘Save Wading River’ bumper sticker.

To the Editor:

At the Aug. 21 Town Board meeting in Riverhead, there was lots of emotion — both pro and con — concerning the proposed development on the Route 25A section in Wading River. Dick Amper claimed those Wading River residents opposed to development outnumbered their neighbors 10 to 1. Could it be due to the fact that the those who are in favor of the development weren’t as well organized as those who oppose it? Taking notice, there was a lack of people under the age of 50 at the meeting. Most in attendance were older folks, and I dare say retired. The development proposed by the Zoumas family and Kenn Barra would bring employment to the younger generation so they too can retire in Wading River.

As has been questioned previously, what good is zoning if someone wants to build according to the zoning, applications are presented to the town, but then opponents of the zoning in place demand a rezoning? The buyer expects to build to the zoning that was in place when he/she bought the property. Perhaps the zoning needs fine-tuning, not a complete change. Those who want to develop their land should be able to do so under strict guidelines in order to maintain the character of the community.

No one likes to see change in land use, especially those who have lived in Wading River for their lifetime. Many of the homes that we live in today are built on farmland. That farmland was sold to a developer who built the home that you live in.

Moratoriums and lawsuits are good for the attorneys but only postpone what can be accomplished by cooperation and compromise. Civic groups and community activists have their place in society. But these groups and activists only represent a small portion of the community. We need to hear from the 18 to 28 age group. They are our future.

Nicholas Dipierro, Wading River