FRNCA group extends deadline for potential board officers

Brad Bender of FRNCA
FILE PHOTO | Brad Bender announced last month he would run for Town Council.

Would-be civic leaders have a bit more time to think about whether or not to help lead the Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association (FRNCA) through 2013.

Incumbent president Brad Bender has made it clear he is stepping down from that position in order to take another run at a Southampton Town Council seat in this fall’s elections.

The group was supposed to have elections for its board members and officer positions  — president, vice president and secretary — at a meeting last Monday, April 8, but had to postpone the vote to May 13 because a mailer went out too late for members to have sent in their dues.

In order to run for any seat on the FRNCA board, you must have your membership dues paid, explained current treasurer Vince Taldone.

Mr. Bender stepped down two years ago to run for a Southampton Town Council seat as well, and, since he didn’t win, assumed the FRNCA presidency again afterward.

During that ime, Mr. Taldone, who lives in Riverhead but owns property in Flanders, filled in. But Mr. Taldone was elected, the FRNCA board had to first change its rules to allow property owners who don’t live in one of the three Southampton Town hamlets to run.

At the time, nobody else wanted the position.

Terms run for one year, officials said.

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