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Featured Letter: Parking meters downtown? No thanks

I recently read that someone had the bright idea of installing parking meters in downtown Riverhead.

First, they should speak with the shopkeepers of downtown Port Jefferson where they’re likely to get an earful of negative responses.

It’s a terrible idea on so many levels:

– Employees taking breaks from work to feed the meters;

– Meters that are confusing to operate;

– Meters that need constant maintenance;

– Will the meter revenue cover the cost of the operation?

– Will an outside contractor install and maintain the meters?

At a time when we want to encourage shoppers to visit Riverhead shops and restaurants instead we will be driving them away. The meters will be inconvenient at the least.

“Hey buddy, have you got a quarter?”

There are already time limits on portions of Main St. and the existing parking lots. In the busy summer time hire high school students to work the restricted areas and enforce the time limits.  East Hampton and Southampton make this work.

Why on earth do we need meters? They will just create more problems and drive business away from the struggling downtown area.

I’d rather have a good Jewish deli on Main St. where I can get a decent pastrami sammich!!