Featured Letter: Enough helicopter noise already

I have been living on the North Fork for nine years and for many on the South Fork. I am in the direct path of the aircraft coming and going to East Hampton Airport. The residents on both forks have been complaining for over 20 years about this problem and it continues to fall on deaf ears.

Congressman Lee Zeldin has just called for the resignation and replacement of FAA head Michael Huerta. What does it take to make this man understand what he is doing to our quality of life! The constant noise, disruption of our lives — not to mention the pollution caused by the aircraft. The transition clause must be removed and the pilots must be forced to go around Plum Island and into the airport. We live here for the quiet, simple life of small-town Americana and it is being destroyed by spoiled, inconsiderate, “I’m more important than you” people and money-hungry pilots and the owners of the aircraft.

Of course, by ruining our lives they might get another flight or two in that day.

The author lives in Jamesport.