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Featured Letter: A kitten in need of sanctuary

At around noon on Aug. 4, an attempt to rescue a white, blue-eyed kitten took place in the Riverhead Stop & Shop’s parking lot. An employee saw the frightened kitten run through the parking lot and fall into a storm drain. Several customers heard its cries for help and also advised Stop & Shop managers; they called the police.

I went out to help and asked that the police/fire departments be called a second time. Police arrived, as did the fire department, who had the correct equipment and clothing. This all took place under a very hot and humid sun. After searching the drain pipes and catch basins at both ends, no kitten was found, nor was its little body; perhaps, God willing, it found another way out.

There were 15 or so rescuers. It was an upsetting conclusion for all of us. I returned later to recheck and to get some food onto the end of the drainpipe and to call out for it. Again 15 to 20 customers stopped to offer their help. People of all ages and backgrounds gave me their support and promised to say a prayer for the little white kitten. It was ironic that in your Aug. 3 edition another story regarding the “new shelter” at the old Pfeifer Center in EPCAL was written.

Again, politics, money and power struggles took center stage in the article versus the innocent animals in need of a sanctuary. After 24 years of helping innocent animals, the pain continues.

The isolated location of the Pfeifer Center can only lead to more horrors of “dumped” animals. The building is empty and has been vandalized. What will happen if innocent, caged cats and dogs are left overnight without an on-site, live-in attendant?

The North Fork Animal Welfare League, its staff and volunteers and the animals in their care deserve a better location.

Anyone considering donating money, supplies/materials or their time should ask themselves, will their support help or harm the innocent animals in need?

I cannot support the location.

I do support a new facility.

Perhaps the white kitten could have had a chance for a full life if we had a sanctuary.

To the many individuals, the police, the fire department, for all who cared, thank you all.

The author lives in Calverton

Photo: The Riverhead Town Police Department and Riverhead Fire Department responded to the scene Aug. 4. (Credit: Nicole Smith)