Apple Honda in Riverhead rescues kitten after 90-mile ride under hood

A kitten trapped in a car was rescued Tuesday at Apple Honda in Riverhead after traveling for 90 miles.

The driver, who did not give his name, heard cries coming from his car and didn’t know how to rescue the kitten, so he took his car straight to the Honda dealership for help.

Apple Honda’s service department put the car up on the lift and, at one point, there were six workers taking the vehicle apart in order to rescue the kitten, later named “Honda.”

“I’m glad we were able to help the guy — it was a cute, little kitten,” Charlie Vassallo, service director at Apple Honda, said. “He was more scared than anything. He kept trying to hide. It took us about 45 minutes to get him out.”

Apple Honda removed the kitten from under the bumper cover for free.

The Good Samaritan took Honda to Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton and donated $100.

Honda is currently in a foster home until he’s big enough for adoption.

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Courtesy photo: Honda the kitten at Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton.


Courtesy photo credit: Kent Animal Shelter


Apple Honda service department rescuing the kitten Tuesday. (Credit: Kent Animal Shelter)