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Councilman Hubbard appointed Deputy Supervisor

Councilman Tim Hubbard was named Deputy Supervisor Wednesday and he will be paid $100 per month with no additional benefits under the appointment.

Mr. Hubbard, a Republican, was appointed by Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith, a Democrat, and the compensation was approved by the full board Wednesday.

Under state law, the supervisor picks the deputy supervisor but the full board must vote on the compensation.

Republicans hold a 3-2 majority on the board.

“Tim is going to make a great deputy supervisor,” said Republican Councilwoman Jodi Giglio.

Historically in Riverhead Town, different administrations have varied as to whether to just name a councilperson deputy supervisor or whether to make it a full-time position.

The Deputy Supervisor post had been held by Jill Lewis for the past eight years under Republican Supervisor Sean Walter and it was a full-time position in the supervisor’s office.

Ms. Lewis had stayed on until Wednesday at Ms. Jens-Smith’s request, but the new supervisor decided to make a councilperson the deputy, while adding a budget director position in her office. She appointed Bryan Carroll, whose first day was Wednesday.

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