Work We Do: Freddie Wilkinson IV, Eco Clean Power Washing

My name is Freddie Wilkinson IV and I own Eco Clean Pressure Washing.

I’ve been doing this for about five years. I bought my first power washer and learned the ropes from there.

This is very challenging, being on the road all the time and getting estimates, sending out invoices and keeping track of payroll. But I like the challenge; I like to challenge myself. It’s not a regular nine-to-five job. I’m constantly working and always meeting new people. You learn something new every day. I have about three employees now, but hopefully I can grow to having multiple employees.

We clean cedar houses, vinyl houses, decks, patios, furniture and we also clean gutters. We clean anything on the exterior of the house. We could give you a complete package or if you only want one or two things done, we can do that, too. If someone has a deck that has been neglected, I can bring it back to life.

I grew up in Flanders. I’m a Riverhead High School graduate. Then I went off to college and got my bachelor’s in business. So, that was my ultimate goal, to own my own business one day.

We service from Riverhead to all of the North Fork and also the South Fork.

I try to do the honest job; you know, the right job. So if someone says clean my gutters and they’re not dirty inside, then I would just tell them, you don’t have to clean your gutters. I try to do the honest job and be fair with the customer. The
goal is always to keep the customers happy and satisfied.

My favorite part about the job is cleaning a house that’s really mildewy and has a lot of moss on it and to see the before and after effect.

And it’s actually nice to see the customer reaction to how it could look. They always say, I never thought it could get like this.

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