Riverhead man, convicted of felony and arrested twice more in 2020, indicted on federal drug and weapon charges

A Riverhead man who was arrested three times in 2020 has now been indicted on federal drugs and weapons charges, court records show.

Troyshawn Burgess, 20, was indicted in Eastern District Court of New York Feb. 11 on charges of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, unlawful use of a firearm and felony possession of a firearm. He was previously arraigned on similar charges in town court for the December incident.

He was arrested by Riverhead Town police along with another man Dec. 21 after they were discovered in a vehicle outside the River Pointe Apartments with what officers described as a “large quantity of crack cocaine.”

The federal indictment says Mr. Burgess was also in possession of more than 40 grams of a substance containing fentanyl and a loaded semi-automatic pistol.

Mr. Burgess, who prosecutors say was on parole at the time of his arrest, was denied bail last week after federal prosecutors argued he was a flight risk, citing his parole status and a history of resisting arrest.

Mr. Burgess had pleaded guilty to felony charges in County Court last March and was sentenced to one year in prison after he resisted arrest following a traffic incident in January 2020. He had been charged with driving without a license, drug possession and assaulting an officer in that incident. Southampton Town police records show he was also charged with resisting arrest following a motor vehicle crash in June 2019.

Mr. Burgess was also arrested for driving without a license two weeks prior to his most recent arrest, for attempted robbery in 2018, and criminal possession of a controlled substance and assault charges in separate incidents a month apart in 2017, town police and county court records show.

The 2017 assault arrest came after Mr. Burgess was accused of stabbing someone behind the River Pointe Apartments. He was also charged with drug possession in that incident, town police records show.