Flanders Fire Department marks 75 years of service

A portion of Flanders Road will be closed to traffic Saturday, Sept. 30, as Flanders Fire Department will hold a parade to commemorate its 75th anniversary, according to fire district commissioner Brian Williams. 

“We’re going to step off at 3 p.m.; and the parade will be no more than an hour,” said Mr. Williams, a former chief. 

The Flanders Fire Department held its 70th anniversary parade five years ago and also shut down a portion of Flanders Road. 

“We’re going to start on Longneck Boulevard and go west to the Flanders Men’s Club where food will be served,” Mr. Williams said. 

Prior to the formation of the Flanders Fire Department in 1948, the area was covered by the Hampton Bays Fire Department. 

In December 1947, a fire broke out at a Bay Avenue home which resulted in the deaths of two children. That fire spurred the formation of the Flanders Fire Department, according to the department’s website. 

Invitations have been sent out to neighboring departments, and the department plans to honor several members who died, Mr. Williams said. 

Among the department members who died this past year are former chiefs David Fox, Scott Lambeck, Gilmon Gagnon and others. 

Although the department plans to have signs saying that Flanders Road will be closed from 3 to 5 p.m., Mr. Williams said that the road will be reopened as soon as the parade is over. 

This will be the second time this year that a portion of a major roadway was closed for a parade. Route 58 in Riverhead was closed for a parade in July.