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Sky-gazers enjoyed a rare sight Sunday as a supermoon coincided with a total lunar eclipse. The syzygy of Earth, the moon and sun caused the celestial phenomenon, but also brought unusual tidal patterns. These tides — the highest and lowest of the year — are colloquially known as the king tides.  READ

04/28/15 9:00am
04/28/2015 9:00 AM

Brady Wilkins in September 2014, after it was announced he’d be taking over as the face of the Peconic Baykeeper nonprofit advocacy group.

The search for the next Peconic Baykeeper is once again on.

Seven months after he signed on as the public face of the nonprofit water protection advocacy group, Brady Wilkins resigned from the Baykeeper position last Monday, said Brendan McCurdy, the organization’s chairman.

Mr. McCurdy said the split was amicable and that Mr. Wilkins plans to return to his teaching career.  (more…)

09/25/14 2:00pm
09/25/2014 2:00 PM


Six months after a highly publicized, unceremonious split with Kevin McAllister, the nonprofit Peconic Baykeeper water protection group has anointed a new frontman.

Brady Wilkins is a South Shore resident familiar with the needs and dynamics of area waterways, according to the group.  (more…)

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07/07/2014 8:00 AM
Former baykeeper Kevin McAllister at the wheel on the water. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

Former baykeeper Kevin McAllister at the wheel on the water. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

After he was ousted from the Peconic Baykeeper program in March, ex-president Kevin McAllister now has his own group devoted to protecting Long Island waters.

Following a 16-year run with the advocacy group, Mr. McAllister founded Defend H2O last month with former East End business owner Skip Tollefsen and environmental consultant Mike Bottini.  (more…)

03/27/14 3:00pm

Former Peconic Baykeeper Kevin McAllister. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)

Peconic Baykeeper, Inc. remains “actively engaged” in its search for a new president after ex-baykeeper Kevin McAllister told The Riverhead News-Review last week that he’s fighting for his job back.

“It is unfortunate that Kevin McAllister and Ms. [Barbara] Matthews have chosen to use the press as their mouthpiece,” a statement from Peconic Baykeeper said. “The Peconic Baykeeper, Inc. reiterates that it does not discuss personnel issues in public.”  (more…)

03/19/14 12:12pm
03/19/2014 12:12 PM

Kevin McAllister is no longer with Peconic Baykeeper after more than 15 years. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)

The nonprofit Peconic Baykeeper organization, charged with safeguarding East End waterways, has lost its lead watchdog, an agency spokeswoman confirmed. Kevin McAllister, who served as president of the group for more than 15 years, is no longer affiliated with the organization.  (more…)

11/14/13 4:30pm
11/14/2013 4:30 PM
BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Wildwood State Park in Wading River.

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Wildwood State Park in Wading River.

Peconic Baykeeper president Kevin McAllister has officially filed suit against the state parks department and the State University of New York for illegally discharging polluted wastewater from cesspools and septic systems at five state parks and a university campus.

Mr. McAllister filed the lawsuits in district court last week, identifying Wildwood State Park and Stony Brook University’s Southampton Campus as facilities polluting nearby estuaries and rivers with excess nitrogen and pollutants without being issued the proper permits which he said is in violation of three federal environmental laws – the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

The parks and university campus hold six of the largest septic/cesspool systems in Suffolk County – together, having the capacity to discharge more than 279,000 gallons of septic waste daily, according to a release from Mr. McAllister.

By comparison, a septic system at a single-family home typically has a capacity of 350 gallons per day, with sanitary waste being diluted by gray water from washing machines, dishwashers and showers, according to the release.

The filing comes just two weeks after the state parks department notified residents of plans to update about 30 septic systems at the five state parks.

The actions the Peconic Baykeeper has filed against the state DEC and parks department are being undertaken in partnership with Long Island Soundkeeper, based in Connecticut.