Foot of snow causes dangerous road conditions across the North Fork

12/27/2010 10:00 AM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Ice forms on a living room window in Riverhead Tuesday morning.

While the storm that brought a foot of snow to the North Fork Sunday has stopped, the wind that is blowing it all around and making driving conditions particularly dangerous continues to roar.

Wind gusts are still being recorded at as much as 40 miles per hour in Riverhead Monday morning, where temperatures are in just the mid-20s. The windy conditions are expected to remain steady until tomorrow morning, where sunny weather is predicted and temperatures are expected to rise above freezing.

The snow fell for nearly 24 hours Sunday into Monday, eclipsing the 10-inch mark around 6 a.m. in Flanders, according to the National Weather Service.

Riverhead officials are urging drivers who do not have to leave their home to stay put today, as the plows continue to clear area streets. Town Supervisor Sean Walter even said Town Hall will be closed Monday.

Residents and vacationers looking to leave Riverhead today may need to make other plans. The Long Island Rail Road has suspended systemwide service indefinitely and all area airports are expected to remain closed until 4 p.m.

The storm also caused some power outages in Riverhead, where about 97 residents were still without power at 10 a.m., according to the Long Island Power Authority.



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  • The reporting of the storm by the Times Review is a complete joke. For the complete story go to Interviews with the Town Highway Superintendent, store owners, the police chief, and the hospital all are there.

  • Times/Review staffers are all off for the holidays this week, as has been the company’s tradition for decades. The next newspaper will be published Jan. 6. Any work that is done in the meantime is voluntary.

    We will have coverage of today’s (Tuesday’s) Riverhead Town Board meeting, however.

  • Like wow, we didn’t know that news took a vacation. Hey maybe next year you all could take like a really long vacation. No wonder newspapers are going out of business, dude.

  • Thanks to the cellular lobby in Washington you can no longer argue safety as a reason for concern.

    Nice Country we live in, when the long term effects of cellular have not even been remotely been established yet the moneyed pig interest can worm its way past the pesky public safety priority of its Government.

    My favorite is when they dress it up as a Flagpole.There is no visual cue more insulting or damning of Capitalism.

    Give me 4G and give me death.


  • Sarah has a proven track record of being able to listen to and well represent the people of the community. I worked alongside her on the Mt Sinai School Board and was always impressed by her calm demeanor and can do attitude. I think she would bring a fresh voice and new ideas to the legislature and well represent our community.

  • If you have a cell phone, cordless phone, microwave, baby monitor, wifi hot spot, or laptop in your life then you expose yourself to radio waves every day, not to mention your remote controls, garage door opener & the sun. Yet no one freaks out about those things. Also, the public right of way cannot be “on” someone’s property, just as we drive on the public right of way, not over people’s property. They are next to each other, but not the same thing.