Engagement: Reyes-Miller

03/01/2011 10:36 AM |

Dael Reyes and Daniel MillerMr. and Mrs. Dale Reyes of Port Jefferson Station have announced the engagement of their daughter Dael Reyes to Daniel Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller of Riverhead.

Dael is a 2005 graduate of Comsewogue High School and works as a retail manager. Daniel is a 2006 Riverhead High School graduate and currently works for Delalio Sod Farm.

A July 2012 wedding is planned.



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  • I do NOT understand why the judges seem to hate Ralph. I honestly think this show is rigged. People got 9s for just standing around and letting their partners shine. Ralph is matching his partner and is more entertaining than the rest. I really think this has to be planned. They reward others for overly dramatic dances when they can’t even move and don’t seem to try. What do they want? With the themes this season they obviously want drama. You get the character when Ralph dances. I almost didn’t vote last night since I see the judges as trying their hardest to get rid of him because they’ve all decided they don’t like him. This is especially frustrating when some of the dancers that got 9s were barely better than horrible Wendy Williams who just stood in the middle of the floor and froze.

  • Right from the beginning I said to my wife , Karina Smirnoff had the best balanced body of anyone on Dancing With The Stars. This was confirmed when playboy picked her. Now as far as the judging of Macchio, the judges have been biased against Macchio ,our two gay judges Lenny and Bruno.As Seinfeld said “Not that there is anything wrong with it)(How is Brunto still there when he said he could afford it) My judging of the judges is as follows Carrie ann receives a 5 Len receives 3 and Bruno a 4. how do they like that? Total of 12 out of 30.

  • I was so confused tonight. DWTS …Yes I will agree this was not Ralph Macchio’s best performance.. BUT he was as good as all the others who got a 9. As a matter of fact I watched their hands and they all seemed to have copied Ralphs hand gestures. The gestures that were “no good” No one Judge said anything about that … Hines was stiff tonight yet he got one of the best scores…don’t get me wrong I love Hines… there is something wrong here… I don’t get it… speaking to a lot of friends of mine… they don’t get it. Why have the Judges been trying so hard to bring others up…promote them… and Ralph and Karina pull them down. I bet ABC is upset about the Playboy issue with Karina coming out in May. After all Disney is the BOSS.

  • Very disappointed at the Judges. Yes it seems that they are trying not to bring attention to Ralph and Karina. They are trying to make them fade. I think they have been doing a great job!!!!!! If Ralph goes this show is all a joke..

  • Hines did very good last week but not this week….I don’t know why he got the highest score last night?? I like him too. I would not say the Judges and ABC have any issues with Kendra, I would say Kendra has some attitudes (talked back) and also it was her fault because she kept bring up her status and she seemed so offense. Kirstie is not the best dance but she tries hard and always positives towards the judges, so I would give Kirstie more credit. Chelsea is good but since I feel like she is missing something that I cant figure out even her moves are very nice. How beautiful Pentra is but it is not enough to help her since her moves are less impressed, like a wooden statue. Ralph also has a stone face, and his moves are not so hot.

  • Can someone tell Janice Lynch that the contestants don’t pick their music