Cops: Immigrant man had forged papers

04/16/2011 11:01 AM |

A Flanders man is facing a felony charge following his arrest Wednesday night, after he was found with a forged resident card and Social Security card, Southampton Town Police said.

Police said 49-year-old Benigno Boch-Coc was observing walking along Flanders Road near Longneck Boulevard, weaving in and out of traffic on the busy street about 7 p.m. Mr. Boch-Coc, who police said was “highly intoxicated,” was found to be in possession of forged identification papers. It is not clear if Mr. Boch-Coc offered the documents to police or if they found them after a search.

Police did not say what country Mr. Boch-Koc was originally from.

Mr. Boch-Coc was charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument and disorderly conduct. He was taken to Southampton Town Police headquarters and held overnight for a court appearance.



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  • Then, he is NOT an immigrant but an ILLEGAL and should be deported to Mexico border.

  • You see Nicholas, since the lefties here can’t really use logic, reasoning, or facts to justify their support of the criminal aliens jumping the border, they have to conflate “immigrant” with “Illegal immigrant”. This way, anyoneon who expresses concern over the millions here illegally can be labeled as an “anti-immigrant” bigot, get it?

    It’s the same trick used to quiet criticism of Obama. You’re not a critic of the President, you’re a “racist”.

  • How do parents reinforce pride and respect for the laws of our country in our children, when our own local law enforcement is unable to enforce what is right. If he’s illegal, he’s illegal to be here. Not doing anything about that sets an example…No wonder respect among the youth is dwindling.