Featured Letter: Clean up mess in Southampton Town

To the Editor:

I am a resident of Southampton Town. I reside in the recently renamed 55-plus community Riverwoods, just south of the Route 24 traffic circle in Riverside. I am responding to a News-Review editorial (“Keep up the momentum in Southampton Town,” Sept. 27).

The residents of our community are very well aware of the drugs, prostitution and other illegal activities that occur in and around that traffic circle. Although it is very refreshing to read there is finally some attention being paid by the long-ignored area, we still have many concerns.

The filth and debris in and around that circle are unacceptable and downright unhealthy. My partner and I are very active seniors and often walk down to the river or Main Street to enjoy the great activities and restaurants downtown Riverhead has to offer. It is really disheartening to see the garbage and trash on the roads and in and around the vacant diner and gas stations.

We realize the Southampton police are doing the best they can. They do a great job responding to anything that is reported to them regarding suspicious activity in our park community. I can personally attest to that, as I had called them one Sunday morning to report a young woman half-dressed and under the influence of drugs wandering around the park. They responded immediately and took care of the problem. The police are very well aware of the issues we face in our community.

It would be great if some of the Southampton Town politicians and other officials could take a stroll down Riverside Avenue to get a firsthand view of how disgusting and neglected that circle has become. It is so bad that there are condoms and food cartons thrown on the side of the road. Someone needs to get down there with garbage bags and rubber gloves and clean up this mess.

We recently paid a visit to the Village of Southampton; the difference was startling. The place was immaculate and manicured. We feel like the “stepchildren” of the town. We pay our fair share of taxes, too, and deserve to live in an environment that is clean, healthy and attractive to look at.

These politicians need to step up to the plate and clean this place up to a standard where they would embrace living and playing in this part of Southampton Town with their own children and families.

Millie Zawistowski, Riverside

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