Cops: ‘Recreational pharmacist’ busted during bike stop

A man described by police as a “recreational pharmacist” was initially charged with riding a bicycle at night without lights and was later found in possession of crack cocaine Saturday, according to a Southampton Town police report.

Anthony Jenkins, 47, of Old Quogue Road in Riverside was riding a bike on Flanders Road in Riverside at 12:56 a.m. with no lights on the bike, as is required by the state vehicle and traffic law.

When the arresting officer was interviewing Mr. Jenkins on the bike charge, he noticed something in the man’s mouth, which turned out to be crack cocaine, police said.

Mr. Jenkins was charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and inadequate lights on his bike.

Mr. Jenkins’ arrest report lists his occupation as “recreational pharmacist” and lists his employer as Spencer Hobson, who was arrested by police on Nov. 2 in Riverside when he was found in possession of crack and powder cocaine, marijuana and heroin. Mr. Hobson’s police report listed his occupation as “drug dealer.”