Recap: Board still plans to reject Driftwood application


Riverhead Town Board members plan to once again submit a resolution to deny Driftwood Family Farm’s application to export 415,160 cubic yards of material from its 42-acre property on Main Road in Calverton.

The board had planned to do so at its Sept. 4 meeting, but held off on voting after the applicant submitted a new letter from the State Agriculture and Markets department indicating that the property is considered agricultural. But the denial resolution, slightly revised, was discussed again during the board’s work session Thursday. Board members discussed resolutions for Tuesday’s regular meeting, where they plan to submit the new resolution.

Councilman John Dunleavy, who had supported Driftwood’s plans, now says he plans to vote against it.

The board also discussed a resolution to remove several pages of town-owned property from their “fixed asset records.”

Among the items on the list are a 1987 Chevy van, a 2002 GEM electric car, three tasers from the police department and several computer printers, monitors and mice. Officials say they can’t find these items, and they were probably discarded by department heads in the past without properly documenting that they were discarded.

To see what else was discussed at the work session, click below to follow reporter Tim Gannon’s blog of the meeting.