Riverhead man arrested after dodging restaurant bill

Southold Town police car

A Riverhead man who left a $130 tab at a Mattituck restaurant after buying food and drinks for himself and others at the bar Friday night was arrested a few hours later after he was found at a nearby pub, Southold Town police said.

Martin Caracuel, 50, ran up the bill at the bar of Michelangelo’s of Mattituck, according to the bartender who was serving him.

The man, who was not a regular at the restaurant, stayed in the restaurant for “at least five, six hours,” buying drinks for himself and for others at the bar, the bartender — who gave her name as Megan, said.

Mr. Caracuel also had his fill of food: he bought soup, appetizers and dinner, restaurant staff said. The bartender told the man to pay up, but when she began to close up the restaurant, Mr. Caracuel snuck out the door, leaving a $130.35 tab.

“He ate and drank like a king and then just left,” she said.

Police were called to the restaurant, and located Mr. Caracuel at the Broken Down Valise pub in Mattituck after looking at surveillance footage, police said.

Officers took Mr. Caracuel back to Michelangelo’s where the bartender ID’d the man as the one who “creeped off” without paying.

“He didn’t have a dollar on him when the cops brought him back in their car,” she said.

Mr. Caracuel was arrested and charge with theft of services, a misdemeanor, police said.

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