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Low ticket sales forces postponement of Riverhead’s Colonial Ball

Riverhead’s Colonial Ball, planned as part of the town’s 225th anniversary, has been postponed this weekend. Town officials said they are hoping to reschedule it in the fall to coincide with a parade planned for that time.

The ball was scheduled for Friday night at the Suffolk Theater.

“We are postponing it, we’re not canceling it,” Councilman Tim Hubbard said. “We had a low turnout for ticket sales, so we felt June is difficult with weddings and many other functions.

“We were also under the gun to get it advertised because some donors were holding up on giving us money, so we didn’t know how much money we had and we could not set a ticket price.”

Because of this, they got a late start on advertising the event, Mr. Hubbard said.

Plan B will be to have the Colonial Ball on the same day as the 225th Anniversary parade, which is planned for an undetermined date in the fall.

“We feel if we combine it on the day with the parade, we’ll have people there that will have an interest,” Mr. Hubbard said.

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