Riverhead takes unbeaten North Babylon to double OT, but falls short

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01/29/2011 7:20 PM |

GARRET MEADE PHOTO | Naysha Trent of Riverhead, shown being defended by North Babylon's Casey Filippone, brought her side 10 points.

It’s going to take a lot to beat the North Babylon High School girls basketball team this season. Some might be tempted to say it will take a complete performance for four quarters, but then again, the Bulldogs were extended beyond that by the Riverhead Blue Waves on Saturday, and yet that still wasn’t enough.

North Babylon survived a furious challenge by Riverhead to maintain its unbeaten record and give a major boost to its bid for an eighth straight league championship. With six players (three from each side) fouling out, North Babylon prevailed in a double-overtime thriller, 78-68, at Riverhead High School, bumping up its record to 12-0, 9-0 in Suffolk County League III. The Bulldogs made 7 of 8 free throws in the second overtime period, when they outscored Riverhead, 13-3, with six of those points coming from Charise Wilson. Wilson, a freshman guard, finished with a game-high 27 points.

Earlier in the game, both teams came within seconds of winning. A last-second layup by Brianna Jones tied the score at 55-55 for North Babylon as the fourth quarter ended, forcing overtime. Then, after Riverhead fell behind by as many as six points in the first overtime, it forced a second additional four-minute period thanks to a clutch three-point shot by Jalyn Brown that made it 65-65 with eight seconds left in the period. Before the first overtime ended, Wilson chucked a desperate attempt that ricochetted off the top of the backboard.

“Wow, incredible, unbelievable,” were the words North Babylon Coach Debbie Brajevich used to describe what transpired.

“It was the most exciting game of my life, I got to say,” Brown said after the 40-minute game was over. “I have to give it to North Bab. They pulled it out in the end.”

North Babylon got superb production from young players like Wilson and another freshman, Tamara Simpson, who collected 12 points, 13 rebounds, seven steals, six assists and one block. Mary Chisholm and Casey Fillippone added 11 points apiece. Chisholm, a force under the boards, was also good for 14 rebounds, five blocks, two assists and one steal.

Riverhead, which saw a five-game winning streak come to an end, dropped to 9-4, 7-2. The Blue Waves were led by Brown’s 24 points. Kayla Nazario registered 20 points, 11 rebounds, five steals, one assist and a block. Shaniece Allen chipped in 11 points and Naysha Trent had 10.

The game developed into a battle of attrition as players started fouling out late in the fourth quarter. North Babylon lost the services of Chisholm, Brittany Hicks and Jones; Riverhead said goodbye to Trent, Nazario and Allen after they all picked up their fifth personal foul.

GARRET MEADE PHOTO | Jalyn Brown's 24 points led Riverhead in a double-overtime loss to undefeated North Babylon.

Riverhead came out firing, scoring the game’s first 12 points. North Babylon didn’t get on the scoreboard until Sydney Zambrotta hit a 10-footer 5:34 into the game.

But North Babylon whittled away at Riverhead’s lead and went in front for the first time when a putback by Chisholm made it 43-42 with 5:23 to go in the fourth quarter. Second chances helped North Babylon, which had a 27-12 advantage in offensive rebounds. It didn’t hurt North Babylon’s cause, either, that Riverhead shot 1 of 6 from the foul line and 1 of 9 from the field in the second overtime.

“Double overtime is always incredible, and with eighth- and ninth-graders leading the way, it’s amazing,” Brajevich said. “They’re not supposed to win games like that, but they do. These guys are unique.”

Wilson said: “Anybody could have won that game. It was a great experience.”

It was not necessarily a great experience for the Blue Waves, though.

“This is probably the most disappointing loss of my career,” said Riverhead Coach Dave Spinella.

Spinella then referred to the five-point loss in North Babylon on Jan. 4 that slipped through his team’s grasp and the impact this latest loss has on the league title race. “After you’ve played so well and you’ve played so hard, it’s disappointing, it’s gut-wrenching,” he said. “We could have been split and had a chance for the league title and we don’t have that chance now. North Babylon is not going to lose again.”

The Blue Waves can tell you, it will take a supreme effort to beat North Babylon.

“You got to almost be perfect,” Spinella said. “Tonight we were just short.”

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  • Ferris badly assaulted this guy and goes scott free, You’ve got to be be kidding. Look at this guy’s face. Lamphere was protecting himself when he shot the dog. I would have shot Ferris too, for pulling and pointing a gun at me. For all I know Ferris could have been some backwoods gun toting deranged hillbilly. I hope Mr Lamphere sues the the hell out of Ferris for attempted murder and also sue the Southold police for letting the assailant go.

  • What is anyone, let alone a former cop doing entering a wooded area with 3 large dogs and a handgun? It is obvious what he was hunting for! Does the Suffolk County Justice let all their voilent criminal go home fater court to their own custody or just the SPECIAL ones? Is this man above the law? I pay taxes to keep these types of criminal behind bars, not released to their on custody. It is already apparent he caanot make wise choices on his own.

  • You dont shoot a dog and fight with the owner. as a dog lover this is an outrage mr lamphere should be charged with murder. On the north fork people walk there dogs in farm fields and in the parkland as a hunter you are responsiable to beaware of you surroundings. This isnt the wild west where you can shoot a domestic animal. Mr lamphere has no business hunting on the north fork and should be facing charges.

  • Look at the picture. Mr. Ferris is a violent man, not a victom. Civil men do not bring a pistol and three dogs into the woods. Must be family and police writing comments on Ferris’ account. He is by far the only criminal. Dogs are supposed to be leashed and not attack people. I certainly do not want a pack of unleashed dogs attacking me, no matter where I am. One mans action do not account for another man’s actions. Lamphere felt in danger of the dogs, while Ferris had the upper hand with a pistal. He had nothing to fear. He is a pure evil criminal. Is is too scary to believe he worked for the police department. Can anyone imagine what would happen if the circumstanes were reversed. Lamphere would be jail, so sure. Just because he is a corrupt retired policeman, does not always assure him to get away with attempted murder. justice for all, not a chosen few. Got directly to prison Mr. Ferris where you belong! Lamphere sue him for everything!

  • So…what would have happened if it was a young family, with children, taking a leisurely walk through the parkland, came upon these three dogs, were frightened and had no means of defending themselves…Leash law????

  • Since when is it legal to walk dogs off leashes in New York State? Last I knew it wasnt. And if you read the article , you would have read that Mr Lamphere had permission to hunt on that property. Where is the photo of Mr Ferris and his injuries?. THere was no fight , it was an attack. Please read everything before you make comments, you must be a friend of his.

  • well as a female hunter im am know scared to go hunting knowing there are people like mr. ferris in the woods mr. ferris has not only affected mr.lamphere life he has affected mine as a hunter if three dogs attacked me i would have done the same it sounds to me like mr. ferris was on a power trip.mr.lamphere did everything mr.ferris asked him to do so why beat the man half to death he was defenseless. this former police officers a menace to society.as for the northforkdoglover who wrote what if you were walking in the woods with your kids and three dogs attacked your children if the only way to get the dogs off was to kill the dogs you should be charged with murder thats what you want us to believe you are an idiot for even saying that.as a stronge believer in family i think mr.ferris should be charged with attemted murder.

  • Why didn’t he fire a warning shot in the air to scare the dog off? As a German Shepherd owner, my dogs charge and people all the time. Doesn’t mean they are going to attack, they are just excited to see people. If somebody shot one of my dogs, Mr. Lamphere would look far worse then what he did in that picture. Like Scottgh said, here was hunting illegally. Theres plenty of things to shoot upstate. Idiot!

  • Wow, If there was no article for this picture I would think Mr Lamphere was attacked by a bunch of muggers or something , not a former COP. I can’t believe that in our world today people think that attacking someone , almost killing them is ok, and for what a dog. I understand , yes that would be upsetting if someone killed my dog , but to beat that person the way he did is unbelieveable. There are people in prison for less. Why the special treatment?? Because he used to be a cop? And why retired at 49? Makes you wonder.. From my understanding he had permission to hunt on property, did Mr Ferris have permission to be on that property, with unleashed dogs? I’m astounded by this whole situation, a former cop beats someone , gets away with it and he has a dealer lisense to sell weapons? Does he also teach people how to beat others and get around the law to get away with it? Or does he train his dogs to attack people ? If there is any justice this CRAZY man Mr Ferris will loose everything he holds dear to him. Also if you look into Mr Ferris’ past things have been pushed under the rug to protect him, bar fights , work incidents ..etc. THe world will be safer with him behind bars or close to it, and he’s neither right now.

  • I want everyone who reads this to think WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you were hunting on land you HAD permission to hunt on, and three dogs, unleashed with no owner in sight surrounded you and one being a German Shepherd came to attack you? would u let the dog seriously injure you or kill you? or would u think in the moment and protect yourself? Because Lamphere was protecting himself, and for you dog lovers, I myself am a dog lover, I work with dogs that’s my job and German Shepherds can be very vicious dogs especially around strangers, any dog is vicious when they attack! I work with them all the time I would know. But that’s besides the point, have you seen the picture?? Ferris is a psycho no one in there right mind would be walking in the woods with a pistol. Ferris shouldn’t of had his dogs unleashed it’s Illegal for reasons like this!! Also Ferris should have never put a pistol in Lampheres face and threaten his life nor should he of beaten him half to death. Ferris should never be allowed to own any gun or even walking the community right now, he should be in jail! This man needs help and needs to be charged with attempted murder just like any other citizen would be. Just because he was a police officer don’t make him better than anyone else, and if he gets away with a slap on the wrist how do you think it makes the people that are “protecting” us look? It makes us look like we need protection from them!

  • honestly this article only show one side of the story . i’m sure mr.ferris has a much different story. and i don’t no if you a dog own or not but to me my dogs are like a childed and if some one shot mine i would fight them to.

  • If you read the article , he was attacked by the dog? Would you sit and let yourself be attacked by an animal, and thats what dogs are, animals. No matter what , they are domesticated animals. And Like i said before if there was a fight where are Mr Ferris’ injuries? Oh wait he has none, because he was the one fighting. And as long as you have a lisense to hunt with valid tags and you have permission , you have BUSINESS.. Being aware and being attacked are two different things. He was very aware of this dog attacking him. He was protecting himself, im sure if your child was being attacked by a dog you would sit by and do nothing, Lets hope you dont procreate.

  • Sometimes you have to be able to look thru what you read in the paper and don’t always assume that what you read is the way it really happened. Mr. Lamphere said he had permission to hunt there, by whom certainly not by the town where you are required to obtain a permit. Of course Mr Lamphere said the dog attacked him because how would it sound if he admittied that he shot the dog by mistake. I am a hunter and rule number one is to be sure of your target before pulling the trigger. Lets use our heads and see what really happened here.

  • Reading the same article??? Mr. Ferris pointed a pistal at him, TOOK Lamphere’s shotgun, and from the picture attempted to beat him to death. Poaching human lives is illegal, last I knew. There are leach laws for a reason. If you are affended, buy a leach.

  • all the people commenting on this bashing the cop need to put them selfs in his shoes. he live out east were there are nothing but fields farms and winerys. everyone just lets there dogs walk with no leash. another thing is if some one were to shot my dog i would beat the hell out of them worse then lamphere got it. think of all the thing he could have done to avoid shooting the dog he could have fire a warning yelled at him instead he shot it.

  • the police investigating are environmental conservation police, dogs may be shot by a hunter by law IF the dog is “running'” A DEER, not all dogs that charge -attack but if he was able to “shoo “2 out of 3 was the act of “shooing’ aggressive was the GSD actually in contact w/him? did ferris attempt to recall his dog? was the shooting an impulsive act and so to the beating ? carrying a handgun while walking the family pet seems a little over the top . it sounds like he got the hunter to put down his rifle at gun point and then Ferris really crossed the line and clearly assaulted the hunter . if its a “large wooded park ” then walking your family pets off leash doesnt seem so unreasonable , Hunting in a park does seem odd because its a public walking place – do walkers get informed that they may encounter hunters – sounds like you could be shot OR bitten
    bitten i think both parties used poor judgement

  • you obiously don’t know what ur talkin about so do us all a favor and dont write at all.. Thanks 😉

  • I WANT EVERYONE WHO READS THESE COMMENTS TO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS COMMENT IN PARTICULAR. If you don’t know either party or the dog then you have no business making assumptions about either men, nor the dog. I have known the Ferris family and pretty much live at their house at times and I can tell you first hand that this article is complete slandering nonsense. That dog was the kindest and most welcoming dog I ever knew and never so much at growled at anyone, and would never attack anybody. The man got spooked and misfired, reloaded and had a loaded shotgun in Mr Ferris’ face and he did what he had to. Mr Ferris’ had a licensed pistol and chose not to use it on the man (sparing his life) because I’m not so sure I would have been so noble. Is that a bad thing to say? yes. Put a loaded shotgun in my face though and the circumstances change. Nobody commenting here has ever been in that situation so you should take a step back… and literally go to hell.

  • Yea well he’s a retired cop, don’t tell me his German Shepherd isent trainned to attack, and it was a shot got that held one bullet so if the warning shot dident work then what?? and he was there leagly he had papers and tags. And if your saying he would look worse because your dog came and attacked him your no different then Ferris, your psychotic as well.

  • How would you know if he had permission or not? You seem quite bias, friend of Mr. Ferris? Here in New York, us folks are held under the same law-cop or no cop. The truth is Mr. Ferris should of leashed his dogs, and this incident would of never happened. Instead he entered the a known hunting area with 4 weapons: a pistol and 3 dogs. It is not the dogs fault Mr. Ferris taught the dogs to attack, and by no means is it Mr. Lamphere’s fault he was attacked first be the dog and then brutally by Mr. Ferris.

  • First off, people have to think about how the article is incredibly one-sided. Taking into consideration the obvious leash laws of New York state, one must also remember the area inwhich this happened. On the North Fork, rarely do people who live on such a plot of land take their dog(s) for a walk on a leash. The open expanses of land offer the freedom to simply stroll with the your dog carefree instead of more or less, having the dog take you for a walk. As for the shooting, it is clear the hunter is in the wrong (leash laws aside). The first rule of any hunter safety course is simply put “know your target”, and the hunter obviously disregarded this rule. Some will say such an instinctive action is warranted from the situation while others will disagree saying the very opposite. The fact that the man was beaten while he was “defenseless” is pure ignorance. THE MAN HAD A LOADED WEAPON IN HIS HAND. Obviously he wasn’t supposed to use the weapon but he easily could have put it down. The argument “what if there was a family walking through the wood when 3 dogs charge them” can, and should be easily flipped around.What if a child came through the brush and this hunters disregard for any hunters number one rule came into play? I think before people immediately hop on the computer to post horribly ignorant and plain arrogant remarks they should take all sides of the story into play.

  • Yes he does have a different story, and its bull sh*t. He thinks because he’s a retierd cop he can lie and get away with it.. Yea i dont think thats going to happen. The dog would’ve been on a leash it’s the owners fault he was a cop, he should know to follow the law right? . The dog was shot because he was attacking a 63 year old man with health problem, what else was lamphere to do? Get seriously injured or die?

  • Do you also go for a walk with a pistal and beat people to near death with a barrel of a shotgun? If he took them for a leasure walk where was he? Did he order the dogs to attack?

  • *pistol. Retired police as well as off duty officers carry their weapons almost everywhere. It’s a part of the police personality.

  • Your an idot, your lie of a story will never pass through. Even if his story was true (which it’s not) you see that picture?? yea once he had lamphere’s gun that should of ended the situatin not beaten him half to death with it. Which is how ya know Farris is a liar and a nut case. But how the hell would he have time to reload the wepon he was attakced by his dog and then you psycho friend came over with a pistol and threatened his life. So take a step back and LITERALLY GO……

  • ..should’ve hit him nine times then

  • I do not the real victim-Mr. Lamphere. I can tell you he too loves dogs. As for the shot gun, it was a one shot shot gun and did not reload. He was a senior citizen recovering from cardiac surgery, get real. By the way, Mr. Lampher is the kindest and very loved man i have ever met. I too have dogs and they do not attack. Mr. Lamphere never put a gun in Mr. Ferris, face- stop with the lies, lies, lies, lies! He had a loaded pistal, he was hunting for trouble that day. Are you for real, you too would of murdered aninnocent man, and you want people to stop commenting. Hope you & Ferris have fun in hell!

  • just once it would be nice if ALL THE FACTS were given out at once! let me tell you what you DON’T know #1–The Ferris dog was shot 404 FEET from the BACK STEP of the neighbors house , Mr.Lamphere was issued a citation for this #2–The hunter was cited for ILLEAGLY hunting on Suffolk County parkland #3–Mr Ferris was walking his dog along the path behind his house that he always walks #4–Mr Ferris WITNESSED his dog being SHOT TO DEATH IN FRONT OF HIM, AND THEN MR. LAMPHERE TURNED THE RIFLE ON HIM. MR LAMPHERE WAS DRESSED IN CAMO. WITH A FULL FACE MASK . MR LAMPHERE REFUSED TO LOWER HIS WEAPON AND THAT IS WHENA STRUGGLE ENSUED I KNOW THE FERRIS FAMILY AND THEIR DOGS, THOSE DOGS ARE AS KIND AND GENTLE AS THEY COME. NOW I ASK YOU, IF YOU CAME AROUND A TREE AND SAW YOUR DOG GET SHOT TO DEATH,THEN HAD SOME GUY IN FULL CAMO WITH A FULL FACE MASK AIM HIS WEAPON AT YOU AND REFUSE TO LOWER IT…. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?????

  • In order to legally shotgun large game hunt long island written land owner endorsement is needed by a land owner and then filed with the town. This endorsement would be impossible for the hunter because it was TOWN PARKLAND and this parkland was located only 400 feet from Mr Ferris’s home. 100 feet closer then the 500 foot legal minimum distance. and for your point “Yea well he’s a retired cop, don’t tell me his German Shepherd isent trainned to attack” are you kidding me. Take a step back and stop commenting out of your ass…. also why would you assume that the gun held 1 round, do you think were still using 1650 muskets.

  • Do they brutally beat men to death? Is this his first act of violence? Found an article on line where he shot innocent men, oh yeah, by mistake. I too have cop friends, but Mr. Ferris is no where in their league. They are outstanding people.

  • learn to spell!

  • Last i knew it wasent police personallity to put it in someones face and threaten thier life. If it has changed” lord please help us”.

  • Karen you left out other facts, FAMILY OF FERRIS?
    1. This is not the only hunter Mr. Ferris has attacked
    2. Mr. Ferris repeatedly told Mr. Lamphere he was going to kill him, while holding a loaded pistal to his face.
    3. Mr. Lamphere never reloaded is gun, he had no reason to.
    4. Mr. Lamphere was sitting in a chair when the DOGS, not dog began the attack. There were a pack of dogs, not one dog!
    5. Mr. Lamphere was far in the woods, a known hunting area with legal permits to hunt.
    6. IT IS NOT OK TO TRY AND KILL SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Did I say that? No. I simply said that it is the police personality to carry a weapon.

  • Did I say that? No. I simply said that it is the police personality to carry a weapon.

  • WOW Talk about bad reporting at its worse. There are absolutely no correct facts in this article. First off Mr. Lamphere has two charges against him one is illegally hunting without a permit, and the second is hunting too close to houses.
    Second of all I know the german shepherd, and that is probably THE SWEETEST dog I have ever met in my entire life. That dog would never attack anyone. And if the dog did attack him let me see some bite or claw marks!!! Wait there is none!
    Third of all a man was walking his own three dogs in his own back yard without a leash. DO YOU PEOPLE LEASH YOUR DOGS IN YOUR BACKYARD? I don’t think so!
    Fourth off mr. lamphere was the one pointing his shot gun at mr. ferris, and attempted to shoot him!
    This whole article is an embarrassment to journalism. I can’t wait for this sorry editor to have to print a long apology and retraction, and everyone writing comments can eat their words. Only believe half of what you read people!

  • I can tell you don’t no your elbow from your ass hole when it comes to guns so here is a littel lesson on that shotguns thay come single shot and the one he had is one of the best single shot big boar 12gage accurate up to 200 yards lets see your musket do and he had every thing need frome land owner and permits to hunt there so if you don’t no what your talking about shut up or get your facts right

  • where you there lady!? i dont think so. your friend misfired and doesnt want to take the blame for killing an innocent dog! and nearly killing mr. ferris! recovery from cardiac surgery!? maybe he shouldnt be illegally hunting on someones property! get real lady. your friend will b the one in hell!

  • My only question is what gives this man the right to beat another man. Yes the man shot his dog. If I was being attacked by a dog and had a gun I would shoot it as well. If I’m reading the article correctly the cop asked for the man’s gun which he gave. THEN proceduded to beat the man with his own pistol. What gives him the right to take the law in his own hands? I thought the law was put in place to prevent such hideous acts of violence?

  • im sorry if someone FIRES there shot gun in my face theyll be lucky if i dont kill them


  • EXCUSE ME! but when you personally attack a man who you don’t even know i have a problem! people on this website are stating facts, not attacking your beloved animal killer. mr. ferris is THE SWEETEST man i know, who not only has been there for my family through the hardest times of our lives, but has one of the best reputations in suffolk county, and is known for his kindness and generosity. you lady can go FUCK YOURSELF YOU DUMB BITCH! thats right i said it. keep your dumbass in bumblefuck hillybilly upstate. maybe its normal to shoot dogs there, but its not here. shut ur dumb mouth because NO ONE wants to hear it.

  • All the facts? Really so u know that hunters wear Camo. And. It being cold usually wear face covering. Do u know that Lamphere has a dog,so why harmlessly shoot a dog? Did u ever stop to think your buddy there is a stone cold liar? Better watch urself around him u might endup the same way. You people worry me to thinnk its ok to beat another HUMAN BEING. Almost to death over a animal….an animal.. I pity ur families if that’s how u feel.

  • why dont u do us a favor and go fuck ur cousin you hillbilly

  • I just want to know what type of person takes his dogs for a walk with a pistol, only two people walk around with a pistol cops and criminals. In the article it states he is a retired police officer, if he wanted to still play Quincy and solve cases he shouldn’t of retired. A former police officer should know well enough that if the man did in fact committed a crime then the proper authorities should of been contacted instead he took the law into his own hands. The only offender i read in this story was Mr. Farris playing judge jury and attempted executioner.

  • Where do u live? Cause your an idiot? Pretty sure new York has a leash law no matter what farm u live near.. and if u can read it says mr Lamphere. Did try to shoo the dog away.. and if someone killed me dog i’d be upset but I wouldn’t beat someone..

  • You must be a dirty cop also to think that’s ok .. to beat someone.your a bigger moron thn mr ferris. This is bigger than your little town ..truth will provail

  • *pistol. Retired police as well as off duty officers carry their weapons almost everywhere. It’s a part of the police brutality and blue wall.

  • Mr. Lamphere please dial 1 800 Lawyers You have a good case.
    Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas J. Spota
    Government Corruption Bureau (631) 853 – 4626

  • I know the dog in question and the others as well as the others and I know Mr. Ferris and I know the property in question having walked it many times with him. This was one great dog. I have known this dog since it was a puppy. I was so impressed with the calm disposition of this German Shepherd that I obtained a similar one from the same breeder and with the same results…GREAT DOG !! Mr. Ferris’ dog was submissive to humans and I would have no problem having my children around this dog, unattended. He was well behaved and a loving member of the family as are all the pets in the home. Never ever have I seen this dog growl or act in an aggressive manner to any person or animal. It was not in his nature and certainly not part of his temperament. Mr. Ferris has every right and expectation to walk his dogs and he did in the same area daily, in back of his home. This day a totally irresponsible hunter (if you can call him that) was lying in wait and shot the dog broadside (as noted in the animal’s autopsy) as he came walking around a treed corner. That hunter (idiot) shot at the first thing that made a noise. He had a scope on his shotgun. It was 8:50 AM in the morning. Full light. Make no mistake this dog did not attack anyone but was ambushed by a fool with a gun. This great dog never had a chance. Mr. Lamphere was hunting on county property where he should not have been, was in FULL CAMOUFLAGE, instead of wearing some hunter orange and was hunting within with a loaded firearm too close to a residence as prohibited by law. Mr. Lamphere upon shooting the dog broadside (and I have never see a dog run sideways when attacking) then raised the gun to Mr. Ferris when confronted on his actions. Mr. Ferris has every right to defend himself against such actions. If you are going to kill a man’s dog, his pet, his friend and then point the gun at him then you get what you deserve. Mr. Lamphere should have complied with the instructions to put his weapon down, show some regret and man up to say it was a terrible accident. If your life is in danger you either do what you have to in order to survive or you don’t and you’re dead. Mr. Ferris acted the way we all hope we would when confronted with a life and death situation.
    As for Mr. Ferris and the quality of the man. There are no better. He’s a longtime member of the Suffolk County Police Department, now retired. I can personally attest to the outstanding quality of the man. Sounds like a few people on this posting have an axe to grind with Suffolk PD perhaps. In any case check your facts before you judge anyone.

  • 12?

    Are you kidding me?

    SWR deserves everything it gets.

  • 12?

    Are you kidding me?

    SWR deserves everything it gets.

  • Gg, I beg to differ. We do not deserve everything we get. We are working people who expect the school board and superintendent to serve the educational needs of our children. In typical SWR fashion, a bunch of overpaid suits show up to tell the few district residents that are able to get time off from their second, and maybe third, job that there is not enough money in the budget to provide the educational services necessary to educate our kids. $19,000 to hire these consultants to ask the community what we want from a superintendent??? Doesn’t anyone in a position to approve this hiring know what qualities a candidate should have? Come to us with a few candidates and ask our opinion after showing their backgrounds and qualifications instead of just asking laypeople what we want in a superintendent.
    And for the record, the community approved the budget last year after an flagrant 26% increase the prior year in spite of voting against the budget. We want schools that are not failing structurally. We want a high level of education provided to our children. We want, need, and deserve a school board and super who place priority on the needs of the children by responsibly managing the available budget.

  • Where is a Budget Advisory Committee (from the community, not a board of education acting as one, as the joke is this year) the past three years? With our taxes being increased over 45% in that time period, total control by the board and Copel with NO Oversight or transparency from the public, or input to MAKE REDUCTIONS… a foreign concept for her and them, with the people having no say or real control, why bother showing up for any meetings. Copel and Co. have their game plan, and any time spent to see that game plan altered is ignored, and then we are threatened, with the children being the victims. Where was this meeting advertised for the general public? I didnt get anything in the mail and it wasn’t in our local newspaper. Only those they think will vote yes, no matter what on the budget are given a heads up. Reading this after the fact is how they do things in SWR. No matter what, we will get a puppet in charge to tax and spend, and threaten the kids, so mommy and daddy say yes to any spending they want. Note that this is the only school district who is threatening no kindergarten, other districts are doing responsible budgeting.

  • Right on, Rolling Eyes.
    Wait, I thought there is a $2.5M general fund balance? Why is eliminating kindergarten on the table?

  • Right on, Rolling Eyes.
    Wait, I thought there is a $2.5M general fund balance? Why is eliminating kindergarten on the table?

  • 12?

    And youre cosigning that mass delusion?

  • The $19k covers a significant amount more than just the specifications. There were 3 major phases of their service covered on Monday including recruiting across a vast network and performing background checks, screening and detailed evaluations of all potential candidates. Some of the research involved thorough follow up on what candidates SAY they believe in and have done and determining if their actions match what they claim as well as well as fit the specs put together by the residents.

  • I appreciate the info, but the $19,000 is not my main complaint. Although once you take into account the overhead and fixed fee of the consulting firm, you are talking about $8000 worth of research and candidate searching that could easily be done online, save for the evaluations of potential candidates. My main point is that some group out there should know what qualities a good superintendent should have without asking the people, most of whom are likely not in the recruitment industry. The desired qualities identified in the report (in NSS article found here: http://northshoresun.timesreview.com/2011/03/8035/shoreham-wading-river-sets-criteria-for-new-superintendent/) should be obvious. How much of the $19,000 did it take to create this report? Was it worth it? Could some of these funds have been better utilized?

  • JD – I would love to discuss in more detail.
    Should you wish to take me up on this, my email is [email protected].