06/30/15 9:16pm
06/30/2015 9:16 PM
Meetinghouse Creek. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)

Meetinghouse Creek. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has announced about 4,000 acres of land in Southampton, Riverhead and Southold towns that were closed last month to shellfishing will reopen Wednesday.

The areas that will reopen at sunrise include shellfish lands in western Shinnecock Bay in Southampton Town, Terry and Meetinghouse creeks in Riverhead Town and James Creek in Southold Town.

The DEC issued the emergency closures in May after detecting high levels of saxitoxin, which can cause paralytic shellfish poisoning. The bodies of water have been closed to shellfishing after dangerous levels of marine biotoxins were found in shellfish and carnivorous gastropods, such as whelks, conchs and moon snails.

For more information on temporary emergency shellfish closures and maps of the affected areas, visit the DEC’s website at http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7765.html. A recorded message advising harvesters of the status of temporary shellfish closures may also be heard by calling (631) 444-0480.

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06/30/15 5:00pm
Riverhead pitcher Jake Reinhardt, coming off knee surgery, ranked second in the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League with a 0.44 earned run average. (Credit: Daniel De Mato)

Riverhead pitcher Jake Reinhardt, coming off knee surgery, ranked second in the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League with a 0.44 earned run average. (Credit: Daniel De Mato)

Jake Reinhardt, a pitcher, had not played a baseball game in about a year. That’s a long time without baseball for a baseball player.

Then, when the time he had long waited for — the chance to finally play in a game again — had arrived, he was put at, would you believe it, first base.  (more…)

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06/30/15 2:10pm




Spring Yu


GPA: 101.77

College plans: Dartmouth College

Major: studio art, architecture

AP scholar: Spring took a whopping 10 Advanced Placement courses during her high school career: world history, U.S. history, U.S. government, calculus, chemistry, physics, literature, English language and composition, statistics and studio art.

On ice: For the past 10 years, Spring has trained as a figure skater. She’s competed in tournaments and says she plans to continue the activity during college.

The music in her: Spring has played violin since she was 3. She played in the high school’s chamber and pit orchestras and in her junior year was a founding member of the school’s string quartet.

Extracurriculars: Spring was also a member of the Shoreham-Wading River Mathletes team and was the secretary of the school’s National Honor Society chapter.

Parting words: “High school teaches you how to balance schoolwork, your social life and your mental health … but sometimes you have to give up on sleep a bit!”


Madison Dwyer


GPA: 100.89

College plans: College of William and Mary

Major: neuroscience and kinesiology

A passion for gymnastics: Madison has been a gymnast since she was 8 and is now a level 10 competitor at Gold Medal Gymnastics Center in Rocky Point. As one of two seniors on the team, Madison has become a leader. She trains five days a week for four hours each day. She will attend college on a half scholarship in that sport.

Inspired to help others: Madison has recovered from many injuries during her gymnastics career. It’s these experiences that motivated her to pursue the study of medicine. She hopes to promote better health in others and learn more about the complex functions of the human body.

Advanced Placement scholar: Madison took numerous AP courses during her four years at Shoreham-Wading River, including chemistry, environmental science, macroeconomics, calculus and statistics.

An avid volunteer: Every week, Madison aims to spend an hour doing community service of some kind. She’s worked with the Peanut Butter Jelly Gang, tutored students and volunteered at the John J. Foley Nursing Home and at her gym.

Parting words: “My sport has taught me that I have to work hard to obtain something I want and that I should always keep striving for my goals, because anything is possible.”

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06/29/15 8:15pm
06/29/2015 8:15 PM
Firefighters park outside the Tanger 1 outlets during Monday's brief power outage. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Firefighters park outside the Tanger 1 outlets during Monday’s brief power outage. (Credit: Paul Squire)

A partial power outage Monday afternoon affecting a string of storefronts along Route 58, including Tanger Outlets and Wal-Mart, caused smoke and haze to fill up a few stores and forced dozens more to temporarily close.

The outage occurred about 5:30 p.m., said Tanger Outlet general manager Janine Nebons.

About the same time as the power outage, Riverhead firefighters and fire marshals were called to the Holiday Inn Express and offices in the complex on Commerce Drive over reports of smoke, said fire marshal Craig Zitek.

A store at Tanger — Nautica — also reported smokey conditions, Ms. Nebons said. Stores in Tanger 1 and Tanger 2 closed temporarily while the power was out.

Traffic lights along the stretch of Route 58 also lost power for roughly an hour, and police had to direct traffic.

Mr. Zitek said the outage was a “brownout” that cut partial power to buildings along the corridor, which caused electrical systems to break.

“Things are trying to run, but they don’t have the power to run properly,” he said. A switch gear in the electrical room of the hotel malfunctioned, he said, while several rooftops air conditioning and ventilation units atop the Commerce Drive offices produced smoke.

Mr. Zitek said he was unsure of what caused the outage.

“It hasn’t been a hot summer yet so its not like everyone’s using their air conditioners,” he said.

By 7:45 p.m. the outages had been mostly restored, according to an online PSEG outage map. A temporary repair was made by PSEG workers, with a full repair scheduled for Tuesday, Mr. Zitek said.


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06/29/15 8:11pm
Darwin Villatoro scored two goals for the Blue Waves in Monday's summer league win. (Credit: Robert O'Rourk)

Darwin Villatoro scored two goals for the Blue Waves in Monday’s summer league win. (Credit: Robert O’Rourk)

A familiar theme emerged in recent years around the Riverhead boys soccer team. After coming together in late August for the start of practices, the players would work themselves into shape, coaches would begin instructing fundamentals, all while preparing for a rapidly approaching season.

When the games arrived, the team often wasn’t ready just yet. And by the time things began to click in the later part of the season, it was too late.

Now, the Blue Waves hope to break that trend.  (more…)