Riverhead Police Report

Riverhead Police are investigating the possible rape of a 16-year-old girl in the Riverhead area this week.

Citing the ongoing investigation, police declined to give further details except that the girl had been “intoxicated” and that it appeared to be a “date rape.” No arrests have been made.

Police said the girl still appeared drunk when she went to police headquarters about 3 a.m. Friday morning with her mother to report the rape. She was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead to undergo a rape exam.

* While riding his bicycle down Roanoke Avenue early Saturday morning, a man was attacked and robbed by three men, town police said.

The man told police he was riding his bike around 2:30 a.m. when a sedan started to circle him. Three men jumped out of the car, attacked him and stole his cell phone, he told police. The victim last saw his attackers fleeing the scene, driving west on Cranberry Street. He described the main attacker as black, approximately 5 feet, 8 inches tall, about 18 years old and wearing a red hat and jeans. No arrests have been made.

* Darryn Hardin, 23, of Flanders was arrested by town police at police headquarters about 11:30 p.m. Saturday and charged with criminal contempt and harassment. No additional information was available.

* Melanie Randall, 27, of Riverhead was arrested on Griffing Avenue about 11 a.m. Friday and charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of marijuana, according to town police. No additional information was available.

* Someone broke the front door of Barth’s Pharmacy on East Main Street about 12 a.m. Sunday morning. Nothing was reported stolen.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.