Meet the Drivers: #09 Brad Van Houten

AMY SPERO PHOTO | Brad Van Houten of Riverhead alongside his #09 modified car.

Name: Brad Van Houten

Age: 34

Division: Modified

Top 3 Sponsors:, Van Houten Trucking and Shea Trucking

When Brad Van Houten began racing, he drove a rather modest race car: his mom’s station wagon in the Enduro division. That was back in 2001. Van Houten, with more than 10 years experience at Riverhead Raceway, has come a long way since then. Now racing in the modified division, Van Houten is 16th in the current modified point standings going into this weekend’s competition.

A winner in the charger division in 2005 and 2007, Van Houten said those victories are his favorite racing memory. Van Houten lives in Riverhead, so racing so close to home is the best part for him.

When he’s away from the track he enjoys spending time with his kids, Kendall and Chase, and camping. Van Houten said his dad, Mike Van Houten Sr. has been his biggest supporter in his career.

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