Cops: Two-time felon arrested again

COURTESY PHOTO | A mug shot of Trendell Walker on Riverhead police’s wanted list.

A two-time felon on the Riverhead Police Department’s wanted list for assault was arrested Tuesday after he attacked his previous victim again, smashing her head into a car while demanding she drop the charges against him, according to court documents.

In the first incident, Trendell Walker, 24, of Riverhead attacked a woman in front of his Middle Road residence the morning of Jan. 1, according to a criminal complaint.

Mr. Walker allegedly punched the victim repeatedly in the face and upper body, “causing pain and swelling to the face and lips … while stating ‘You stupid b—–,’ ” the complaint states.

The victim contacted police and filed an assault charge against Mr. Walker the same day of the incident, according to a police report.

Mr. Walker, who was previously convicted of two felonies, was placed on Riverhead police’s wanted list. Information about Mr. Walker’s convictions were not immediately available.

Two weeks later on Tuesday, Mr. Walker approached his victim at Speeds Deli on East Main Street at about 10:20 a.m., police said.

He grabbed the woman by the neck and “bashed her head into her car repeatedly,” according to a criminal complaint. Mr. Walker allegedly told the victim he would kill her and demanded she drop the charges against him.

The victim suffered swelling to the forehead, scratches on her neck and chest and “substantial pain,” according to court documents.

Mr. Walker left the scene, but five hours after the incident, he walked into the police station, Riverhead Sgt. Joseph Loggia said.

“He was in the lobby, we grabbed him,” Sgt. Loggia said.

It was unclear why Mr. Walker showed up at the police station.

Mr. Walker was processed and charged with second-degree intimidating a witness or victim, a class D felony and two counts of third-degree assault, a class A misdemeanor, authorities said.

The assault charges carry maximum sentences of one year each, while the felony is punishable by up to seven years in prison, according to New York State penal code.

Mr. Walker was remanded to Suffolk County jail in lieu of bail, court officials said.

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