The Work We Do: Melody Calcano, Maximum Motorsports

Hi, my name is Melody Calcano. I work for Maximum Motorsports as their finance manager.

I have been with Maximum Motorsports for about three and a half years now.

Before I came into finance I was in the sales department. I definitely have my own wonderful clientele, which I love to death.

I normally come in, I get my day set up by looking through all my deals that everybody has here, and start setting appointments up for when people want to come pick up their motorcycles. I check for online credit applications, get them approved, work them the best that I can and get everybody out riding. 

There’s a lot of talking about the motorcycles and finding out where people belong. As you can see, the store is very, very big. There is a lot of different options out there.

I actually used to race motocross with my younger brother. When I turned 16 I was offered a job at a different dealership, along the way I did find Maximum Motorsports, which is actually more of my home here. We are all like one giant family. But you hone in on a motorcycle, do some negotiating of course, make sure everyone is happy before they come into my office. Because my office is where you spend the money. I run the applications, go over monthly payments, go over extended payment plans, and a lot of things that would benefit you as a rider yourself.

My least favorite part is doing the paperwork, but the smile on people’s faces when they’re walking out of here with their new toy, it’s worth it all. My main thing here is we sell fun. We don’t sell something that everybody needs in life, so it needs to be a very fun, exciting experience, not necessarily such a project to buy a motorcycle — it’s an experience.

We’re like a big family here. This place is awesome, honestly.

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